#463 Travel Tech, Boom, Omnigraffle, ChargeDr, Tack-Tiles, BigGrips, UbiDuo, WHILL, CSUN Disability Expo

Tech weirdness on travel, what gadgets we used and didn’t use. ChargeDr from Digital Innovations to help me charge my devices, and OmniGraffle in the Mac App Store saves my sanity in making my Travel Diagram of Doom. Interviews from the CSUN Persons With Disabilities Expo include Big Grips Frame from biggrips.com, sComm UbiDuo for […]

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#459 Glympse, Keyboard Shortcuts, StopKnot, RokForm Rokbed, Adopted Leather and Incipio Stashback iPhone cases, Weather Apps Dark Skies, Meteo Earth and WeatherPro

Glympse from glympse.com to let your friends know when you’ll arrive. In Dumb Question Corner, Peter Boots asks (and gets his answers) how to assign commands to function keys, and if there’s a way to use the iOS functionality for keyboard shortcuts in Mavericks. StopKnot from radtech.us to prevent headphone earbud tangles. Review of four […]

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#458 Paul Thurrott Hates on Windows, Windows Laptop Revival, TYLT Energi 5K+, Home Automation with Chris Ashley about Insteon

Live show will be at 2pm on Saturday 23 February next week. Send in your audio reviews for Allister, Bart and Katie for the shows while we’re gone. Go here to sign up for the NosillaCastaways Party at Macworld. If you can’t come to Macworld, make sure you circle up Kevin Allder in G+ and […]

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#457 Deleting iOS Mail, AT&T Unlocking Disaster, WordPress.com, IP Blacklisting, Taming the Terminal Part 16

Who knows more, AppleCare or Allison? netchimp.co.uk if you can’t delete email on your iOS device. Unlocking fun fighting with AT&T but joy with Verizon. WordPress.com interview from New Media Expo. How I got my own IP address blacklisted from my own website with ScreenSteps! In Taming the Terminal part 16 of n, we talk […]

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