#408 SCO Monthly Mag, CrashPlan, Hypercel, Mophie Helium, Transporter, Microsoft Surface and Office Pricing

This week we’re going to talk about the ScreenCasts Online Monthly Magazine, my progress with offsite backups through CrashPlan. We have an interview from Macworld with a company called Hypercel with an iPhone 5 battery case and a cool car/wall charger, and then I’ll give you my review of the new Mophie Helium iPhone 5 […]

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#407 Mars on Your iPad, MyScript Calculator, AppleTV Off the Network, Belkin Wemo, Crashplan, Focal Lengths

How to Build Accessible iOS Apps now with audio! Hold Mars in your hand by going to 360cities.net on your iPad. MyScript Calculator from Vision Objects lets you scribble your equations on iOS and Android. Proving the Apple Genius wrong: you can create a local network to stream video to an AppleTV. Two more interviews […]

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#405 Android v iOS, Corning Glass Fiber Cables, Double Robotics, PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Charger, M5 Headphones, NAS Server Software

This week I’ve got some thoughts on Android vs. iOS market share and a possible root cause of the confusion on that topic. We’ve got three really interesting product interviews from Macworld – Corning’s glass fiber cables, Double Robotics Wheels for your iPad and PowerTrekk’s fuel cell charger. George from Tulsa steps in with a […]

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#404 OWC, App Development for Non-Programmers, LiveCode Goes Open Source, Router Flaw, MacVoices

Macworld | iWorld interviews: Other World Computing about the New Guard KX military tough iPhone case, the Voyager Dock for bare 3.5 or 2.5″ disks, the NewerTech USB to DVI/HDMI/VGA Video Display Adapter and the MiniStack powered hub and external storage enclosure. iOS App Development for Non-Programmers book from iosappsfornonprogrammers.com: in iBooks or Kindle Books. […]

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#401 iGlasses, Sight Control, Webcam Setings, m48 Calculator, AppleCare, Creative Speakers, iHome Mini Speakers, Java Exploit, Layer Masks in Pixelmator

Review of iGlasses 3 from Ecamm, and Sight Control and Webcam Settings from Mactaris. Then Donald Burr will join us for a review of the m48 and m48+ calculator apps for iOS that the true geeks amongst us will appreciate. After that I’ll tell you the tale of how I had to resort to calling […]

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