#361 Novatel Mifi Update, MyScript Memo, Alinof Timer, 5-0 Radio, National Geographic Today, Flashback Trojan

Insightful update on color calibration from the blind. Verizon Wireless comes out with an update to fix the Novatel Mifi that kept it from being able to charge and function at the same time. MyScript Memo brings really good handwriting recognition to iOS. Alinof Timer from alinofsoftware.ch brings a timer to OSX that we have […]

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#358 New IPad Rant, DrawSomething, Skim, Refreshabraille Display, Origin Instruments, Georgia Tech Braille Touch for iOS and Android

Rant about how hard it was for me to receive the new iPad (and a few comments about how awesome it is). @SwitcherMark gives us a Draw Something from OMGPop. Beautiful Skim PDF annotation tool – free and open source from skim-app.sourceforge.net. Hugo complains that Professor Albert does not have an active license for his […]

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#356 CSUN Disability Expo, HP Folio 13, Windows 8 Customer Preview, Apps Gone free, ABiSEee EyePal Reader, Future of OSX

CSUN Persons With Disabilities Expo, Hype 1.5 update to last week’s review from tumultco.com. HP Folio 13 Review from hp.com compared to the current Macbook Air from Apple. More Windows fun with a first look at Windows 8 Consumer Preview from windows.microsoft.com. Knightwise gives us a review of Apps Gone Free from the iTunes store. […]

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#354 Keynote for the Blind, Vlingo, Tweetbot, Cosmonaut Stylus, Crimson iPhone Case, Mountain Lion with Jeff Gamet

New Logo from Ryan Sakamoto at ryansakamoto.com, Keynote Theme explanations for the blind, Vlingo review from Timothy Gregoire. Learn how to create documentation your software users can actually use over at bluemangolearning.com. Donald Burr of Otaku No Podcast brings us a Tweetbot review (Tweetbot for iPhone/iPod Touch in iTunes, Tweetbot for iPad in iTunes). Cosmonaut […]

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#353 Ecodock, Opena Case, iKliK Stand, Readdle Remarks, Qmadix Quick Shot and Eclipse, TourWrist, DNSCrypt

Podcast feed went on a diet with fewer episodes and shorter names. K-Array Ecodock Review available at B&H Photo. Clarify Beta lets you export to Evernote available at clarify-it.com/download/beta. Opena iPhone Case review from openacase.com. iKliK Stand review with video from Kickstarter, available at Amazon. Three video interviews from Macworld | iWorld: Readdle Remarks from […]

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