NosillaCast 02/12/2006 Show #30

…a tech geek podcast with an ever so slight Macintosh bias! Continued sound problems, Lithuania & Bharain join in the fun, earnings report, question about how you listen, Apple announces the 1GB iPod Nano, for web searching, Swedish Chef Firefox extension, Podfading, Wikimedia Commons, MacTracker, Podcasting 101 and Lulu Press.

Listen to the Podcast – Time: 17 minutes 58 seconds
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NosillaCast 02/05/2006 Show #29

2/5/06 show number #29

…a tech geek podcast with an ever so slight Macintosh bias!
Country update, computer setup in Casa Sheridan, VNC problem for listener Alex, Videora for Windows iPod video conversion, Firefox beef, Wiki-wiki, iTunes tweaks, snipurl, Japanese case mod, Webphoto.

Listen to the Podcast – Time: 21 minutes 44 seconds
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NosillaCast 01/22/2006 Show #27

18 new countries, enhanced podcast version, accessibility petition, Catholic Insider podcast, 4th quarter earnings report, new advertiser, CoverFlow, Konica-Minolta exits camera market, TV Rant, why freeware/shareware is cool, iWeb review.

Listen to the Podcast – Time: 25 minutes 10 seconds
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NosillaCast 01/15/2006 Show #26 Enhanced Podcast

As I said in the NosillaCast on 1/15 I spent a TON of time creating an enhanced version of the podcast, adding photos and chapter markers so you could jump right to a specific subject in an episode, and even hyperlinks so you could click from the podcast right to the websites. I didn’t do anything with it because I was concerned that podcatchers other than iTunes, and mp3 players other than iPods wouldn’t know what to do with it. The problem is the file is an m4p file, which I believe is the follow on standard to mp3, but as usual Apple steps out ahead before everyone else is ready.

I’m loading up the enhanced version today – please drop me a line at if you check it out and tell me if you a) find it of value, b) what podcatcher you were able to see the chapters/photos in, and c) whether you think it’s worth the trouble! And of course if you checked it out and COULDN’T play it and thought it was a stupid idea, you should really let me know!

Download Enhanced Podcast

NosillaCast 12/26/2005 Show #23

TiVo Online Services including Yahoo Photos, Weather & Traffice, plus Movies from Fandango and Podcasting from who knows where. SaveMe auto-save utility, Blip TV, Safari Debug Menu for spoofing IE, iPod Video review, want a video on your tombstone? and Textpander for auto-insert of character strings.

Listen to the Podcast – Time: 27 minutes 27 seconds
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