#379 iRig Mic Cast, Daisy Disk, Trent iCurve, BlackBerry Playbook, Marked and TextWrangler, Backup Photos on iPad, Mountain Lion Voice Dictation, Ubuntu on VirtualBox

We have a review of the iRig Mic Cast from Mike McPeek, Allister Jenks tells us about Daisy Disk to analyze your disk to help you harvest disk space, Steve Davidson explains how the Trent iCurve IMP700 battery charger helped him in Italy. Bob DeGrande takes a controversial view and tells us why he purposely […]

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#378 ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Mag, SoundBunny, MacTubes, TunnelBear, Mountain Lion Security

Don McAllister’s Super Secret Project is revealed as the ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Mag for iPad with Don’s videos and reviews and tutorials by notables such as me, an (unfavorable) review of SoundBunny from prosofteng.com, and a very positive review of MacTubes from macapps.sakura.ne.jp. Donald Burr gives us a tutorial on how to install the Youtube5 extension […]

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#375 Kingston Wi-Drive, Evernote Cup Competition, Attachment Tamer, Are SSDs a Fad, How to Protect Your Passwords

Paul from Peru was the first to show me the benefits of a Circular Polarizing (CP) filter. Update on my ScannerPro review from last week (hint – it IS possible to password protect the content). Bob DeGRande brings us a review of the Kingston Wi-Drive. Vote for Clarify in the Evernote Cup Competition. In Dumb […]

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#373 Blindfolded Redux, Google Nexus 7, USB 3 Explained, Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headset, Circular Polarizing Filters, Go Pro HD Hero2

Why I broke down and bought the Google Nexus 7 – my first Android device! Won’t get it till mid-July though so stay tuned. I presented Blindfolded to the South Bay Apple Mac User Group (SBAMUG) and this time it went flowlessly! Link to the video + slideshow. WillP (aka @beiju) came back after a […]

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#372 Microsoft Surface Tablets, is Apple a Meanie, CompanionLink Software, Why is the Mac Pro Still Important

Bart’s newly revamped scripts to watermark images are now available at bartb.ie under the FreeBSD license, my thoughts on the two new Microsoft Surface tablets. In Dumb Question Corner, Alison from Scotland asks whether Apple is just being a big meanie discontinuing support for some older devices. Honda Bob comes back for a cameo appearance […]

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