NosillaCast 12/26/2005 Show #23

TiVo Online Services including Yahoo Photos, Weather & Traffice, plus Movies from Fandango and Podcasting from who knows where. SaveMe auto-save utility, Blip TV, Safari Debug Menu for spoofing IE, iPod Video review, want a video on your tombstone? and Textpander for auto-insert of character strings.

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Martian Death Flu


I’m afraid there won’t be a NosillaCast today due to the final recovery days of the Martian Death Flu that beset our home. I can almost complete a sentence without coughing, and you could probably recognize my voice as my own, but I’m not sure it would be a pleasant listening experience for you. I’m hopeful about tomorrow, I’ll keep you posted! (pun intended.)

NosillaCast 12/11/2005 Show #21

Podsafe for Peace Christmas Carol, iScroll2, Front Row Hack, Google Earth for Mac, Solar Deathray, More VNC Stuff, “Map of” in Apple Address Book, If it’s too hard, you’re doing it wrong (on the Mac).

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NosillaCast 12/04/2005 Show #20

Show #20
Full country listing, Minolta Dimage Z3 review, Seagate 4GB Pocket Drive review, podcatching tip/warning, Pandora Music Genome Project, Hoax advice, other uses for Google, how to shrink urls, Smell-O-Mints, why WebTV is so cool.

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NosillaCast 11/27/2005 Show #19

Started with a nice Cranberry Chutney recipe, welcomed the 8 new countries listening to NosillaCast, tutorial on how to teach Firefox to spoof Internet Explorer using User Agent Switcher, discussion of the importance of keeping accessibility in mind in podcasting and web design, introduced new section called Weird and Wacky Websites, two movie reviews, gadget review of Casio Exilim Z55, Reinvented Software update of Feeder, and closed with humorous recording of NosillaCast over at Odeo. Remember to vote for NosillaCast on Podcast Alley!

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NosillaCast 11/20/2005 Show #18

show #18
More Podcast Expo – Steve Gibson, Cable Yoyo, Libsyn, Taldia
Don’t use Internet Explorer, here’s why
Wired Magazine – why you must read it
AT&T Natural Speech Reader
Did I get my Samsung Monitor refund yet?
Feeder update & KIT review from Reinvented Software
VNC tutorial

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NosillaCast 11/13/2005 Show # 17 Podcast Expo

Today’s podcast is full of exciting info on the Podcast Expo – you’ve never heard me more enthusiastic (ok, maybe Friday night’s episode…) For the show notes I’m giving you two things – some quick links to those things I referred to – people and sites – and then followed by detailed notes that i tried to write while I was listening to panels and speeches. I tried to edit them live and make good line breaks – if I missed some, I can live with it, I’m really tired of editing tonight!

Listen to the Podcast – Time: 38 min 45 seconds
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