#328 HeyTell, Hack Mifi Cable, ScreenFlow 3, Seismic Isolation, SSL Certificates, Plists Demystified

I’ll be speaking on Mac Mania 15 to Autralia in November of 2012 with Don McAllister and Leo LaPorte on Insight Cruises. Mistaken Marks and mispronunciation. Rod Simmons reviews HeyTell and Jonathan Quinlan answers Professor Albert’s question about bits and bytes. I created a ScreenSteps tutorial including embedded video on how and why to hack […]

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#326 Katie Floyds top 10 iPhone Apps, LapLog for iPad, Plantronics Voyager Headset, AppDelete Lite, Mac Disaster, Apple Star Trek

Katie Floyd of the Mac Power Users Podcast hosts the show while Allison vacations. Professor Albert asks some “interesting” questions of the NosillaCastaways. Katie walks through her top 10 iPhone Apps: 1Password, Evernote, Instagram, Delivery Status Touch, Card Munch, CardStar, TextExpander Touch, Instapaper, Google Voice, and Find My iPhone. Check out the free public beta […]

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#325 Prey, i.Sound, Clarify, Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro from Sprint, Linux Mint

Track your computer in case of theft with Prey from preyproject.com. Rod Simmons of The Simple Mobile Review Podcast reviews the i.Sound Portable Power Max from isound.net, and mentions the Zagg Sparq 2.0. I take you through the history of my 22″ ADC cinema display including all the Frankensteinian tools I’ve used to keep that […]

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#324 iGrill, Dry Case for IPhone, Clear Rover Puck, Zoogue BinderPad, WD TV Live, MakeMKV, MPlayerX, LowePro Roller, 3GJuice

iTunes affiliate link live at https://podfeet.com so use that for all your iTunes buying including Lion and help out the show. Big announcements: next week’s show will air live at 2pm Pacific on FRIDAY, not Sunday, and the following week the show will be on Sunday again, but hosted by Katie Floyd of macpowerusers.com back […]

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#323 iStumbler, Chicken of the VNC, Clarify, VizWiz, 1 Minute Lion, NewYorker App, SpeechTrans vs Google Translate

Professor Albert asks what SSH is and what it’s for, I answer with an explanation of how to VNC using Chicken of the VNC, how to SSH using iStumbler and teach how to kill a process from a distance. Bluemango Learning introduces the public beta of Clarify at bluemangolearning.com. Darrell Shandrow of the blindaccessjournal.com demonstrates […]

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