NosillaCast 06/25/2006 Show #49

CD/DVD burn doesn’t validate, for storing/sharing large files, cool Microsoft magnifier, no one on a Mac uses the Apple mouse, trying to find my own RSS feed in WordPress, and as open source, cross platform RSS readers, Google spreadsheet ( makes a mistake, to get rid of unwanted languages in OSX, social engineering test on Credit Union employees, Windows responsible for carpel tunnel syndrome, to explore the universe, iLap from to protect me from MacBook Pro heat.

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NosillaCast 06/18/2006 Show #48

Happy Father’s Day, botching the feed, Google comes out with Mac version of Google Video player, why you shouldn’t feel like an idiot if your computer confuses you, MacBook review, Pin the Map, More motion sensor tricks, diet Coke and Mentos fountain, Microsoft Will Remove PDF Support from Office, Freewebs to create websites easily and free, new teen ring tone at 15KHz, Upshot for photo correction free till the end of June, MenuMeters saves the day again, Walter Mossberg on Parallels, Sun hijack’s the Wall Street Journal’s Digital Conference favicon.

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I horked something up – Podcast may not feed

I tried to get the ‘cast out early today, and I horked up two things – I messed up the name of the file when I put it into the feed (should have been 2006_06_11 and I put in 2006_06_1) and I also accidentally duplicated the article link (this think you’re looking at now is #97). You may have to delete and re-add the entire feed to your podcatcher! My apologies for the inconvenience, I should know better than to rush!!!

NosillaCast 06/11/2006 Show #47 All Things Digital Episode Part 2

Second half of the Digital Conference – VP Al Gore, Richard Sarnoff from Random House Publishing and Lawrence Lessing from Creative Commons Sound off against each other about Googles plans to scan in all of the books in the public libraries, Art Coviello of RSA Security and John Thompson of Symantec talk about security, Demo of the new Zing Music Player, Antonio Perez CEO of Kodak talks about their late shift to digital and new advances in imaging, Barry Sonnenfeld of Right Coast Productions (brought us Men in Black and the new movie RV), Vinod Khosla from Kohsla Ventures talks about how we really could go to Ethanol in the US for auto fuel, and finally a teen panels view of technology.

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NosillaCast 06/04/2006 Show #46 All Things Digital Episode

This week I went to the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital conference hosted by Walter Mossberg and Kara Swisher. I cover half of the show this week, and the other half next week. this week I discussed the interviews with Bill Gates (and how I got to actually meet him), Howard Stringer CEO of Sony (and how Martha Stewart bothered him from the audience), Sharpcast demo, Terry Semel CEO of Yahoo! regarding the situation in China, Robert Iger CEO of Disney, panel from Martha Stewart Living, Google and Discovery communications, Nicholas Negroponte and his $100 laptop for third world countries, and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newson and Helio’s Sky Dayton about putting wireless across an entire city.

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NosillaCast 05/28/2006 Show #45

Samson SP01 Condenser Microphone Shock Mount:
Transmit from
SpeedIt from
Mac OS Group, hosted at
Parallels Forums at
Macsaber from
NASA Voyager Podcast at
PCMag article on Why You Want Vista Now
Vista Screenshots at
Inifinte Photo Journey
Royalty Free Photos:
Followup to Apple Proposal at

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NosillaCast 05/21/2006 Show #44

Tanzania joins us, Quiz Press review from an actual teacher, have you tried to kill one of your electronic devices because of envy for the new one? Tap out a song rhythm, enhancements, new MacBooks, new Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York, Parallels Release Candidate, Darth Vader conducts the orchestra, Transit FTP client, PDF form filler Formulate.

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NosillaCast 05/13/2006 Show #43

This week is very special, as it’s the one year anniversary episode of the NosillaCast. In podcasting that’s an ancient podcast! To commemorate the show, I take a walk down memory lane of the events of the past year as I saw them, and then launch into my regular show with feedback from Tasmania, some excitement about my Mother’s Day gift – a power washer! a review of a freeware virtual desktop program for the Mac, a bit about the new laser bluetooth keyboard, a Popwire’s swell new program to allow windows media files to play on an Intel-based mac, online Pictionary, great site to buy trip insurance, Mouse Locater to keep track of your cursor, and a new google website. Hope you can take a minute to stop by and check out the NosillaCast’s one year anniversary show!

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NosillaCast 05/07/2006 Show #42

Virginia tour of wineries, successful Windows software installations, NosillaCast enclosures move to Libsyn, listener feedback, how to pitch podcasts to your friends, Google Logo Museum, Heat update and MenuMeters, VPN inside outside, trapped miners get iPods, two-fingered scroll search for Windows, shootout Acer vs. Apple, Berkeley classes available as Podcasts, Dvorak on Microsoft.

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