#299 VidConvert, L5 Remote, Mail Act-On, Text Expander, Boom

VidConvert from reggieashworth.com, final episode of Georg from Tulsa’s lesson on using Gmail for Cloud Storage, L5 Remote from l5remote.com. Kirschen walks us through how to use Mail Act-On from indev software to more easily manage our email. Jane from Perth brings us the new version of gfxCardStatus from codykrieger.com. More Macworld interviews with Text […]

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#298 Sinbad Video, Drycase, Launchpad, Hypermac, SMART Technologies, iPhoto vs Aperture vs Lightroom

Why I bought a new Sigma 18-200mm lens at Macworld, links to all my photos from Macworld: Mac Roundtable Live, Smile Party, Sinbad Keynote, Friends and Fun at Macworld, NosillaCastaways Party at Jillians, MyMac Podcast with Tim Robertson and Guy Serle. Check out Steve’s video of Sinbad too at youtube.com. Video Interviews: Drycase from Drycorp […]

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#297 Macworld: Prizmo, BusyToDo, Corkulus, Todo Online, Visible Green, P-Flip, Sell Your Mac, Glif

Dumb Question Corner comes from Hugo Poon who asks for an explanation of IPv6. Our audio and video coverage of Macworld 2011 begins with the following reviews: Prizmo for Mac and iPhone from http://creaceed.com, BusyToDo from busymac.com, Corkulus and Todo Online from appigo.com, Visible Green wall charger & P-Flip Foldable Solar Power from dexim.net, Sell […]

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#296 Square Perfect Lightbox, Gmail Backups, Interarchy, Going Paperless

Square Perfect Lightbox model SP400 and how to do white balance and tether the Mac in Aperture. Dumb Question Corner about creating ad hoc networks, and George from Tulsa explains how to use Gmail for backups (George’s ScreenSteps Tutorial for Gmail Backup). Interarchy for FTP from nolobe.com doesn’t make the cut. Katie Floyd of macpowerusers.com […]

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#294 NosillaCast News, Backups, Automator, Zamps, Photography

Introducing the NosillaCast News, NosillaCast highlighted in the LA Times and the Libsyn Blog. Backup discussion after Adam Christianson’s December 29th episode of the MacCast, how Steve and I finally tackled his challenging backup needs, and a really simple Automator Script to back up selected files to Dropbox. Introducing the Zamps art website at zamps.wordpress.com, […]

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