VSN Mobil V.360° Waterproof Action Camera

Allison interviews Matt Gordon from VSN Mobil about their new action camera. The waterproof and dustproof V.360° camera captures full 360 degree HD video using a single image sensor. Using a single sensor eliminates the need to stitch frames together to form the seamless 360 deg image. The setting is the ShowStoppers NAB 2015 show floor.

Learn more at http://vsnmobil.com

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Digital Audio Recording With Audio-Technica Wireless Mic

Allison interviews Brian Piper from Audio-Technica Camera-Mount System 10 Wireless Microphone Package. The System 10 digitally transmits/receives the audio signal and adaptively selects the cleanest channel to minimize interference. Using digital audio, the System 10 provides full HD quality audio to your recording device. System 10 supports either a wireless handheld mic or a lavelier mic tied to a battery pack. The setting is the NAB 2015 show room floor.

Learn more at http://audio-technica.com or buy through Allison’s Amazon Affiliate Link

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Trying on the Apple Watch

Today Steve and I went to the Apple Store for a 1:30pm appointment to try on the Apple Watch. We Periscope’d the event and saved the video for later viewing. Two very interesting bits in here. Watch for how Zach opens the drawer, and then the connector inside the watch band is pretty intriguing.

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High End Leather Bags from LooptWorks Actually Save Natural Resources

Allison interviews LooptWorks CEO and Co-founder Scott Hamlin about their Bags, Cases and Sleeves made from repurposed materials. LooptWorks takes excess materials from other companies, such as shoe leather and airline seat covers, and turns them into high-end products. By recapturing excess materials Looptworks saves a significant amount of water and other natural resources. The setting is the CES 2015 show room floor.

Learn more at http://looptworks.com

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Braven’s Rugged Bluetooth Speakers Can Take a Lickin’

Allison interviews Isaac Cruz from Braven about their rugged outdoor Bluetooth speakers. Their outdoor BRV-Pro speakers are stackable, have a built-in solar panel accessory for charging and can charge other devices through USB. The BRV-Pro can be mounted to your bike, kayak or other outdoor vehicle with an action sport mount. These speakers are IPX7 rated so they are completely waterproof. The setting is the CES 2015 show room floor.

Learn more at http://braven.com

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Octa Spider Monkey Tablet Holder Gives You Great Flexibility

Allison interviews Lindsay Anthony from Octa about their unique stands and holders for tablets. Octa showed two new kits at CES including the Lynx and the Spider Monkey which both use interchangeable mounting hardware components. The Lynx clamps to flat, round, or irregular surfaces or poles to mount your tablet. The Spider Monkey has a long flexible steel tail that allows you to wrap, curl, or tuck it in place in bed, on the couch, or around a structure to hold your tablet at a convenient height. The setting is the CES 2015 show room floor.

Learn more at http://octa.com

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Record 360° (4π Steradians Actually) Videos with 360Heros

Allison interviews the CEO and founder of 360Heros, Michael Kintner, about his company’s holders and software that supports 360° video using multiple GoPro Hero cameras. The holders are 3D printed flexible cases that support six, seven or ten GoPro Hero3/Hero4 cameras. Their 360 CamMan and 360 Video-Stitch Studio software packages manage the raw video files and stitch together the multiple video streams to form a full 360° video of the scene. 360Heros also provides a mobile app that plays the 360 videos hosted at 360Heros’ site. The app works with the mobile device’s gyro and accelerometer allowing the user to interact with the video. The setting is CES 2105 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Learn more at http://360heros.com

Video of Great White Shark attacking a 360Heros holder with 6 GoPro cameras https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Tgaac03zhk

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