Lowes Innovation Labs Brings Us Helpful Robots and Virtual Reality Bathrooms

Allison interviews Amanda Manna from Lowes Innovation Labs about two new services being developed for use in Lowes and Orchard Supply Hardware stores. The first is their OSHbot: an autonomous retail service robot that simplifies the shopping experience for customers and employees. The second is the Lowe’s Holoroom: a home improvement simulator which applies augmented reality to provide homeowners an intuitive, immersive experience in the room of their dreams. The setting is the Mandalay Bay Hotel during CES Unveiled.

Learn more at http://lowesinnovationlabs.com

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Digital Disaster – Life After Death – for Dallas Apple Corps

On Saturday 11 October, I had the pleasure of presenting to the Dallas Apple Corps on the subject “Digital Disaster – Life After Death”. This was original presented at Macworld in early 2014 but I took the show on the road after I got such a great reception for the topic.

The audio got weird at the beginning so I had to change microphones partway through. If you’d like to jump past the nasty audio, go to around 7 minutes in and you actually won’t miss much of the presentation!

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Slides available here: http://www.slideshare.net/nosillacast/2014-macworld-death-pdf.

Let Your iPhone Tell You the Value of a Resistor with ResistorVision

Kirschen Seah interviews John Brewer from Jera Design about their new ResistorVision software for the iPhone. ResistorVision allows the user to image a discrete resistor, decode the resistor’s color bands and automatically determine the resistor’s value. The setting is the Macworld 2014 show room floor. Learn more at http://jera.com. Check out the Kirschen’s activities at http://freerangecoder.com.

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Discover New iOS Apps with TAPPD

Allison interviews David Duncan from TAPPD about their new discovery software for iOS applications. TAPPD allows the user to search for apps through social networking and feedback from friends who have similar interests. Users and developers can rate and make comments on the applications with TAPPD. The setting is the Macworld 2014 show room floor. Learn more at http://tappd.in.

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Scanner Pro & Documents 5 from Readdle at Macworld

Allison interviews Denys Zhadanov from Readdle about their Scanner Pro and Documents 5 iOS applications. Scanner Pro converts your iPhone into a scanner, eliminating the need to align the document with your phone when you take the photo. Documents 5 is a file manager for you all of your data on your iOS device and serves as a Finder. The setting is the Macworld/iWorld 2014 show room floor. Learn more at http://readdle.com.

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Get Rid of Duplicate Files with Tidy Up from Hyperbolic Software at Macworld

Allison interviews Andrea Giunto from Hyberbolic Software about their Tidy Up duplicate Finder software for the Mac. Tidy Up finds duplicate files on the user’s internal and external hard drives as well as in the iTunes, Aperture, iPhoto, and Mail libraries. Duplicate files are identified not just by name but bite by bite. Once identified, Tidy Up will quickly and easily disposition the duplicate files in a manner the user selects. Learn more at http://hyperbolicsoftware.com.

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