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Mylio Photo Organizer and Editor by Tom Stewart

I am an amateur photographer and enjoy travelling and taking pictures, lots of pictures. One of the problems I had, and the reason for this review, was to find a product which allowed me to see all of my pictures on all of my devices. Both Apple and Adobe have products which address this but the developers who write these programs seem to feel that everyone has very high speed internet at all times and oodles of cloud storage. This isn’t the case for me.

When Photos was announced a few years ago I felt it would be the solution to the issue of distributing my images to all of my devices. I had two obstacles to get around. Primarily it was the number of images. When I am travelling I might take 3 – 4 thousand pictures each of which is a 50 Meg RAW file. I don’t want them all in the cloud at that point in my workflow as it would be incredibly slow and, in many locations, impossible.

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NC #638 Due for Mac, Tencro Boom Arm, Unsharp Mask, Byword, Memo, Apple Photos Alternatives, FoodStuff, RAV 4 Hybrid, Security Bits

In this special show guest-hosted by me, Bart Busschots, we’ll start with some quick first impressions of Due for Mac from listener Helma, then I’ll give you a quick review of my new Tenro mic boom, then we get to enjoy a conversation Allison had with Rob Wood about Unsharp Masks at MacStock, then I tell you about two Mac Apps I’ve recently started using, the Markdown editor Byword and the stickies app Memo, next listener Shai tells us about some of them alternatives to the Photos app and Adobe Lightroom, then I recommend the FoodStuff podcast before listener George from Tulsa shares a review of some cool safety features in his new Rav 4 Hybrid, and finally, I do my best to do a solo Security Bits.

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Shai Yamannee on Apple Photos Alternatives

Hi Allison, Steve, and the Nosillacastaways. Shai here, on the road with the Farewell Tour of the Broadway production of Mamma Mia!

Recently a request for alternatives to Apple Photos was made on the Nosillacastaway Facebook page, and I have a few that I wanted to let you know about. I know many of you cried out in anguish when Apple decided to put Aperture out to pasture.

It seemed that the only alternative was Lightroom, and I know that many didn’t want to jump into the Adobe ecosystem.
Before we start though, I have to say that I am a Lightroom user. It works well for my professional workflow, but I am constantly on the lookout for alternatives. If it wasn’t for the fact that I know Lightroom so well, I might have been tempted to move to these other apps myself.

So the alternatives I am familiar with are:

  • Exposure X2 – by Alienskin
  • On1 Photo RAW – by OnOne Software
  • Capture One Pro – Phase One

These apps range from easy to use to pro level. So, let me give you a very brief overview of each.

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