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NC #629 Rogue Amoeba Gold Standard, Ricoh Next Gen Theta S, QA for All the Things, Security Bits

Bart and I pushed out a new episode of Taming the Terminal in both the Chit Chat Across the Pond Taming the Terminal feeds. I’ll tell you why Rogue Amoeba is the gold standard of customer support. Then we’ll hear about Ricoh’s next generation 360 camera. I’ll then go on a rant of all of the quality assurance work I’ve done for so many companies in the last few weeks, including AirPods, iPads Pro, iPad Pro keyboards, Ring video software and website, Apple Watch activity sharing, Screenflow and even macOS. Bart Busschots is back with a new edition of Security Bits. He explains subtleties of the WannaCry ransomeware that I’ve heard nowhere else, then he explains how Apple is going to institute a requirement for app-specific passwords for third party apps with access to your iCloud calendar, contacts and mail. Very important listening.

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Rogue Amoeba – the Gold Standard

Lately I’ve run into a slew of tech problems, finding bugs in just about everything, hardware and software. This has given me the “opportunity” to compare reactions of companies when I tell them about the problems. I would normally write a huge diatribe about those that didn’t meet my expectations, but instead I’m going to tell you about the gold standard in support. That company is Rogue Amoeba, the makers of Audio Hijack.

I’ve talked about Audio Hijack quite a bit on the show, but to bring everyone up to speed, it’s the absolute center point to how I create the podcast. Audio Hijack, as the name implies, hijacks the audio on your Mac, allowing you to route it in interesting ways.

Audio hijack complex sessionI create the podcast recordings completely without a complicated hardware mixer. With Audio Hijack I can capture the audio of a Skype call and my voice on two separate tracks, add effects like an equalizer and a compressor. I can route the audio back to my headphones so I can monitor my own voice for any problems along with that of my partner on the show. I can also send the audio to a recorder to capture an uncompressed audio file. Audio Hijack is essential for the creation of the Podfeet Podcasts.

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AirPods – Lag or No Lag?

Audio video sync testI mentioned in my AirPods review last week that I did some tests of audio/video syncing for Dave Hamilton. I’ll review a little bit and then walk into some more advanced questions.

Dave had asked me to watch some YouTube videos using the AirPods to see whether the sound was in sync and the results were very positive. I found an audio/video sync video that’s really cool. There’s a horizontal timeline sliding from left to right, with several dots and then a long dash every second. Then there’s a ball bouncing on the dash as it goes by and it makes a click sound when it hits. The idea is that from the timeline you can measure how many milliseconds of delay there are between when you see the ball hit and when you hear it hit. I tested the AirPods and it was spot on with this test.

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