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Tiny Tip – Home Button Can Sleep Apple TV and TV/Receiver

Apple TV remote showing home buttonApple TV Sleep Now

A few weeks ago I was listening to the Clockwise Podcast and Mikah Sargent briefly mentioned something about the sleep button on the Apple TV remote. I couldn’t get it out of my head wondering what he was talking about. I figured out that what he’d mentioned was actually something pretty amazing.

If you hold down the TV/Home button for a full second on the Siri remote (the black one that comes with more recent models of Apple TV, it will pop up on screen an option to put the Apple TV to sleep. That’s not the cool part.

Clicking on this sleep option will also turn off any connected devices. In our house, this sleep option turns off our big TV and the audio/visual receiver to which it’s connected! I tested it on a different TV with a different A/V receiver and it worked there too. I can’t swear this will work for your setup but give it a try.

We watch most things on our Apple TV these days so it’s an absolute delight to be able to shut down all of our components with the little remote that’s already in my hand.

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NC #630 PowerBeats3 vs Jabra Sport Headphones, Yi 4K+ Action Camera, Sleep Tracking is Dumb, Anker USB Charger, Ikea Smart Lighting, Plantronics Headset, Is it Safe to Click a Link?

Steve Sheridan compares two Bluetooth headphones, the new PowerBeats 3 against the older Jabra Sports, not as much on sound quality but on fit and Bluetooth connectivity. We’ve got our last interview from NAB 2017, with Yi about their 4K+ Action Camera (the guy called it a GoPro killler). I’ll tell you why I think sleep tracking is dumb and Bart will tell you how an Anker 2 port USB charger solved his problem. Joe Dugandzic of Smarter Home Life will tell us about the new offerings from Ikea in affordable smart lighting. Bruce Wilson tells us about the Plantronics Blackwire C435 headset he used for our interview on Chit Chat Across the Pond this week. We’ll finish up with two dumb questions from me to Bart about clicking unsubscribe links in emails and shortened links in Twitter. I learned something new from his answer.

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Why I Think Sleep Tracking is Dumb

Sleep++ showing 95percent restful sleepI’m one of the lucky people who sleeps extremely well. Many years ago I established with Steve what we called the Rule of Nine Hours. That rule said he was not allowed to awaken me until I had slept 9 hours and it was after 9am. One day he decided to see what would happen if he simply didn’t awaken me at all. He gave up waiting after 12 hours.

I tell you this so you’ll immediately dismiss what I’m about to say because I clearly cannot understand or be sympathetic to those who have trouble sleeping. That may or may not be true but I hope you read on anyway if only so you can argue with me when I’m done.

I love metrics. I love the process of measuring and I love looking at the data and analyzing it. I love the whole “quantified self” craze especially as it relates to health. You’ve heard me drone on and on about counting steps, counting calories burned, counting stands and more.

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