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2017 Year in Review Part 1 – What Am I Still Using?

I’ve always thought it might be interesting to look back on all of the products I’ve reviewed over the years and see what I’m still using. That would be a gargantuan effort, given that I’ve been doing this for over 12 years!

But then I thought, maybe I could look at the past year and see what products are still valuable and what just fell away over time and maybe a quick discussion on why. I went through every blog post to see what I talked about in 2017, so here goes.
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3 Networks + MoCA + TiVos

barts diagram on taking control from verizon routerBack in August of 2013, Bart helped me figure out how to wrest control from the Verizon Actiontec FiOS router and let my Airport Extreme control my network. It was non-obvious, so he drew a diagram that I turned into a full tutorial per his instructions. The basic idea is to disable WiFi on the Verizon router, and have it simply pass out IP addresses using DHCP and send traffic straight through to the Airport Extreme. We also set the DMZ on the Verizon router to a static IP and passed that right to the Airport. The purpose of that step was to eliminate the requirement to do port forwarding on both routers if I ever needed to access something inside the network.

All of this worked great, I was able to pretty much ignore the Verizon router for the last three years.

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NC #612 Oticon Hearing Aid, ShadeCraft Sunflower, TiVo + Moca, Ring, Whoosh!

This weeks’ show features interviews from CES with Oticon about their connected hearing aid, ShadeCraft and their Sunflower autonomous robotic shade, Ring (the makers of the video doorbell) about their Floodlight Cam and their Stickup Cam, and Whoosh!, an anti-microbial screen treatment system. I’ll also tell you the tale of how Steve and I didn’t believe Chris Ashley and Dave Hamilton when they said buying all new TiVos would actually save us money.

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TiVo + MoCA Can’t Possibly Work, Can It?

TiVo layoutDo you ever have a friend tell you about something and you just nod politely and not check it out? Then another friend of yours tells you the same thing, but you don’t listen to them either? Finally you check it out and you realize they were right and it is as AMAZING as they said?

“You should try a password manager!” “Offsite backups are easy now!” “You should try a Mac!”

You heard all of these things and ignored them until you finally listened and gave them a try. Well my example is about the new crop of TiVos. Chris Ashley on the SMR Podcast talked over a year ago about how he saved a bundle of money by upgrading his TiVos. Then Dave Hamilton of the Mac Geek Gab said the same thing. In my head I thought, “oh sure, this is too good to be true.” But it turns out they were right. I’ll explain more as I walk through the problem Steve and I were trying to solve and how we finally “got” what they were trying to tell us. Continue reading “TiVo + MoCA Can’t Possibly Work, Can It?”

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