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Security Bits – 26 November 2017 – FaceID Isn’t Broken, USB Bugs in Linux Kernel, Vulnerability in Intel Chips

Security Medium 1 — No, FaceID isn’t Broken, but it Does Have Limits

A snazzy demo to the press had headlines all over the press screaming about how FaceID had been broken. But as is so often the case with stories like this, the devil is very much in the detail.

What the hackers really found was that it’s bloody difficult to trick FaceID — it takes a lot of time and effort, and even after you put all that investment in, your spoof only works in very carefully controlled circumstances.

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Anker 2 port UK USB charger

Anker USB Charger Solves a Lot of Problems

The problem to be solved is that I regularly need to charge multiple things at the same time in my kitchen, and I don’t want to waste too many wall outlets, or, be constantly plugging things in and out.

I need the ability to charge Apple devices like my iPhone and my iPad, and, to be able to charge my Bluetooth speaker, my Bluetooth headphones, and my wide array of bike lights from CatEye. The iDevices all have lighting connectors, and the speaker, headphones and the bike lights are all Micro-USB.

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Sandman – the Perfect Bedside Clock from Palo Alto Innovations

Sandman clock closeupPeople love clocks. I’m not sure why, but even in the middle of the night if we wake up, we want to know what time it is. But a clock on your bedside table can be a problematic if the numbers are too bright and keep you awake.

A lot of people keep their phones plugged in next to their beds, but it’s a hassle to wake them up. If you’ve got a phone, a tablet, a smart watch and a clock, where do you plug in your bedside lamp? For years Steve has had an iHome clock radio to give him a clock by his bedside. It has a 30-pin dock connector for his iPod, so that’s super useful nowadays. I said it was a radio but who listens to radio any more?

The iHome was expensive at $100 but it had one feature that sold Steve on it. He could dim the clock every night and turn it back up in the morning. It wasn’t ideal for me because from my side of the bed, without my contacts, I couldn’t read the numbers. Oh well, it worked for him. Continue reading “Sandman – the Perfect Bedside Clock from Palo Alto Innovations”

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