Why Don McAllister is the Master

ScreenCasts Online logoI’ve been a fan of ScreenCasts Online for ages and ages, and not just because Don McAllister is a personal friend of mine. I am a fan because of how much I learn from him. I’ve talked to you before about how amazing he is, and I’ve tried to explain in words how he seems to see things in applications that I would NEVER find. My favorite illustration before now was how he showed all these menus on the right side of Aperture that I never noticed in years of using the software.

I just found another example. Let me set the stage first. When I go on vacation I write an email diary of the trips that I send to about 83 of my closest friends. I write funny little anecdotes and insert photos along the way. Every trip I give everyone on distribution the chance to opt out but in years of doing this only one person has exercised that option (and they had a good reason other than they hate the emails). I do get complaints when OS X removes people randomly from my “vacation emails” groups though so I’m pretty sure they’re actually entertaining.

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