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#520 Apple Watch, 58K Photos in Photos, GoPro Studio Audio-Technica Wireless Mic System, GoPro Studio, TTT Part 33 SSH Bookmarks

All Mac friends – register for the and on June 20th in Chicago! Donald Burr needs more beta testers for the new version of the NosillaCast Live app so send him your Apple ID email addresses. I feel all Dick Tracy using the Apple Watch to dictate messages and make phone calls. Two NAB interviews, the first about GoPro Studio for editing your GoPro videos from, and the Audio-Technica System 10 – Camera-Mount Digital Wireless Microphone System from Audio Technica. Next up I answer the question, “How Well do 58,820 Photos do in iCloud Photo Library?” In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart is back with Taming the Terminal Part 33 of n – SSH Bookmarks.

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Photos App – More Discovery and Some Bugs

Kyle is 11 with spiked bleached hair, Steve has no beard or mustacheI haven’t talked much about the day to day experience of using Photos. I have to say it is positively awesome to have all of my photos on all of my devices. I bought a 1TB SSD in my MacBook Pro because I did not want to compromise on having all my photos, now I have them on my iPhone and iPad and I love it.


One unexpected consequence that both Steve and I have noticed is that we’re discovering favorite old photos. I ran across the very first digital photo I ever took. I had just bought the Nikon 950 and got a shot of Kyle and Steve out in our front yard. It’s a favorite old photo I’d completely forgotten about and was perfect to drop into Facebook on Throwback Thursday.

I have also noticed that I’m cleaning up my photo library because I’m viewing ALL the photos more often. I tend to skim by looking for a specific year but then get drawn in and start noticing that I saved extra copies of the same photo, or maybe 3 of the same thing where 2 could be tossed. Compared to most people I’m AMAZING at keeping my library cleaned up, but compared to the ideal we all think of I stink at it.
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I AM Dick Tracy

Apple Watch 48 hour Impressions

Apple Watch showing a tweet with an image of meThey say that behind every great woman is a great man, and that’s definitely the case with me and Steve. On Friday, also known as first Apple Watch delivery day, he stayed home for seven hours babysitting the doorbell not for delivery of his OWN watch, but for mine. Sadly he ordered the space grey sports version that within 3 minutes was back ordered a few extra weeks, but he still stayed home just for me.

I did have a good excuse. I went to the Downey School district to talk to the middle school kids about how fun it is to be an engineer. My friend Nancy asked three of us to go who all used to work together. I have to say that the kids were REALLY receptive to the STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). They’re all part of a program called Project Lead the Way that’s getting kids into the science fields. I kid you not, we saw 6th graders building and programming robots!

Dr. Stauffer with Nance, me, Lupe and JeanOne of the reasons Downey’s schools are so successful is because they have a benefactor, a wonderful 97 year old woman named Dr. Mary Stauffer. She was a medical doctor in her career and later decided the best way to distribute her wealth would be to help fund programs in her local schools, including giant scholarships to kids who go to college from Downey. I threw a picture in the shownotes of Nancy, me, Dr. Stauffer, Lupe and Jean so you can see how awesome Dr. Stauffer is.

This was supposed to be about the Apple Watch and how awesome Steve is though, right? Sadly he didn’t even get the fun of answering the door for the package because of COURSE it came after I got back home from the school.

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Tayzu’s Robotics Drone Can Land in Water!

Allison interviews Tayzu Robotics CEO Donald Scott about their new waterproof drone. This is the first quadcopter with waterproof motors and airframe. This drone is designed to takeoff and land in the water and comes equipped with a waterproof 3-axis gimbal to house a GoPro or other action camera. Although the airframe is not designed to maneuver underwater, the gimbal will operate underwater while the airframe floats on the surface. This quadcopter will be available for sale to the public in the August 2015 timeframe. The setting is the NAB 2015 Conference show floor.

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