Can iCloud Photo Library Handle 58,820 Photos?

 my photo library trying to show how many zillions of photos I haveI’m into week two with the new Photos app and I’m still really liking it. My entire library did finally sync up from my Mac to iCloud Photo Library so I could see all 58,820 of my photos at They also all came back down in optimized versions on my iPhone. Oddly though, while earlier in the week they were methodically plopping into my iPad, holes in the library started to develop. I’d have 4 photos in a row, then 20 blanks, then another couple. Some years were missing 80% of the photos.

Traditionally I spend a LOT of time fooling around trying to diagnose things on my own and noodling with friends on Twitter and G+ about it first but I decided to give AppleCare a whirl. I always buy AppleCare on my portable products but I usually only use it as a hardware warranty. I figured why not get more of my money’s worth by making THEM figure this one out?

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