Politics Stopped My iPhone

map of India highlighting AssamThe iPhone 6 was the first time I chose not to go with indentured servitude to AT&T and avoid having a 2 year contract. I did it for me and for my two kids because I wanted to be able to take my phone on international travel. Lindsay was going to Mexico, and we were going to India and Kyle just got to come along for the ride. I also did it to save money and to have the freedom to dump AT&T at any time if they made me angry.

When we arrived in Dubai, the group collectively decided it was too hard for just the 2-3 days we’d be there to find SIM cards. Rally had made arrangements in advance with Verizon to have a tiny data plan for international travel at an exorbitant rate, and he was able to use it in Dubai. He was very good at sipping tiny bits of data, like opening a maps application for just a few minutes and then shutting data off. I didn’t want to pay AT&T for that though, I wanted a cheap way to still enjoy my device the way everyone else does on travel!

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