#518 Periscope, Apple Watch Buying Experience, Don McAllister is the master, Serotek for the Blind

Live video broadcasting via Periscope on iOS. I walk you through the fun we had ordering the Apple Watch and then trying them on at the Apple Store and finally playing with the new 12″ Retina Macbook. We Periscoped our fun trying on the Apple Watch too so you can watch that over at the website. I explain in video why Don McAllister is the master in a very short video here. In Chit Chat Across the Pond I talk to Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell from the company Serotek. Their company creates assistive websites for blind people to be able to access social media tools like Facebook. The reason we’re talking today is because Facebook is going to abandon the API they’ve been using that allows them to make Facebook accessible to more people. It’s an interesting discussion of technology that I hope you’ll enjoy.

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My Experience Buying an Apple Watch

Allison grinning like an idiot with her face up against the Apple Watch Edition glassSince I’m old, I took not one, but two naps to get ready to stay up till midnight to order my Apple Watch. Steve and I both wanted one and even though he THOUGHT I would stay up late and order his for him, he was wrong about that. He’s never stood in an excessively long line, stayed up till midnight or stayed home all day sadly peering out the front window waiting for the UPS delivery truck. I thought it was time that he experience the joy for himself.

Brett Canedy tweeted to me asking if we should all hang out in the NosillaCast Live chat room to share the experience which sounded like a grand idea to us. If you haven’t ever joined the live show before, it’s actually really easy to join the chat. You can do it with a dedicated client which is a very nice experience, but to dip your toe in the water, you can simply go to podfeet.com/live and there’s a chat client embedded in the web page. This makes it much easier for folks to just give it a try.

We’ve done the chat room thing for a few events lately and it’s really a fun way to enjoy the experience. We did it during the latest Apple event all the way from India. So I tweeted out that the chat room was open (it’s always open by the way), and Brett, Tim Gregoire (who was only there because he didn’t want to study), Barry Fulk, Pat Dengler, and David Roth joined Steve and me.

Based on previous experiences, we decided to use the Apple Store App to make our purchases.

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Live Video Broadcasting Via Periscope on iOS

window showing comments and hearts as overlay on top of videoWhen Steve and I got off the plane from our great India vacation, it was just a wee bit of a culture shock to get back on the Internet. Normally we enjoy the flood of information that comes from Twitter, Google Plus, Podcasts and even Facebook, but almost an entire month out of the loop left us feeling a bit unsettled. We started reading a bit here and there, and we saw an app called Meerkat that was taking the Internet by storm, but then realized we’d actually MISSED Meerkat and it had been overtaken by Periscope.

I bring this up because Periscope is pretty interesting and I’ll be talking about it a bit more in the show so I figured I’d better explain it. Periscope is an iOS-only app that allows you to live video broadcast AND send a notification to your followers on Twitter, AND allow the broadcast to be viewed for the next 24 hours, AND to save the video to your phone. There’s a lot of discussion of whether this is a big deal, a flash in the pan, or something we had a long time ago and somehow never took off.

For some reason this tool has taken off like wildfire. I did a Periscope of walking Tesla, and a ton of people showed up. Seriously. And many of them were people I knew, like Victor Cajiao, Maryanne Garry (remember the memory psychologist?) and Neil, the guy who saved the podcast almost 10 years ago. Obviously all these people weren’t actually interested in watching me walk Tesla, but rather are interested to see what kinds of things people will be broadcasting.

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