NC #553 Recovering Hacked WordPress, New & Improved GoDaddy, Smart Keyboard

I’ll tell you the sad but in the end victorious tale of how, with some help from Bart I saved Hank’s History Hour after it got hacked, we’ll hear from my friend Diane when she tries to get Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa to play the NosillaCast. I’ll tell you what I think about the new Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro after about a week and we’ll end with a surprisingly positive report on how GoDaddy came up with a fantastic solution for Hank’s site. Don’t forget to use the Amazon Affiliate link for all your holiday shopping!

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Hi this is Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast Mac Podcast, hosted at, a technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias. Today is Sunday December 13, 2015 and this is show number 553.

This week’s Chit Chat Across the Pond was with Antonio Rosario of Switch to Manual. We had a blast talking about his black and white photography work. It’s a fun discussion even if I didn’t squeeze as many tricks and tips out of him as I hoped to! Be sure to subscribe to Chit Chat Across the Pond separately in your favorite podcatcher so you’re sure to enjoy all the fun!

Blog Posts

Successful Recovery of a Hacked WordPress Site

Alexa Doesn’t Like the NosillaCast

First Week With the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro

This is Not Your Father’s GoDaddy

That’s going to wind this up for this week. Don’t forget to send in your Dumb Questions, comments and suggestions by emailing me at [email protected], follow me on twitter @podfeet. Check out the NosillaCast Google Plus Community too – lots of fun over there! If you want to join in the fun of the live show, head on over to on Sunday nights at 5pm Pacific Time and join the friendly and enthusiastic NosillaCastaways. Thanks for listening, and stay subscribed.

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