CCATP #441 Dr. Maryanne Garry on Cognitive Biases, Learning and Aging

MaryanneDr. Maryanne Garry, Professor of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington joins us again to talk about two really interesting books about cognitive psychology. I enjoy talking to Dr. Garry because she reads real studies that follow scientific processes, where we mean those that explain studies which can be falsified (which are the only real theories).
Science as Falsification was introduced by Karl R. Popper if you want to learn more about it.

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Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

In Dr. Garry’s discussion of the book Thinking Fast and Slow, she explains our cognitive biases, the Peak End Rule and how it affects how you feel about vacations and colonoscopies. (Strange things to see in a sentence together, right?)

Amazon Link to Thinking Fast and Slow

Secret Life of the Grownup Brain by Barbara Strauch

In this book on (healthy) cognitive aging, Dr. Garry explains the changes as we age in speed vs. crystalized knowledge, our increased abilities in pattern recognition and mood regulation.

Amazon link to Secret Life of the Grownup Brain

We finish off by talking about studies that when gathered together suggest that peri-menopausal women can help protect against the effects of aging on cognition by considering Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). The two drugs she discusses are Estradiol, and—for women with uteruses—the addition of micronized progesterone to reduce risk of endometrial cancer. Dr. Garry stresses that she is not a medical doctor and that of course you should have this conversation with your doctor, but she does highly suggest that if you wish to continue high cognitive functioning, it would be a good discussion to have with your doctor.

As a palate cleanser, we talked about a terrific piece done by John Oliver on his show, Last Week Tonight entitled Scientific Studies. In this episode he explains how ludicrous the “news” reporting of scientific studies is. Dr. Garry suggests ways to question these studies.

If you have questions about the material discussed, Dr. Maryanne Garry can be contacted on Twitter @DrLambchop or via email at [email protected]

5 thoughts on “CCATP #441 Dr. Maryanne Garry on Cognitive Biases, Learning and Aging

  1. Rush Sherman - June 11, 2016

    These are my favorite episodes. The ones with Allison and Maryanne bantering back and forth, while they talk about topics that are really interesting to a knucklehead like me. It reminds me of the non-sense and fun I have with a couple of my buddies. Thanks for including us in these adventures.

  2. Chris Scott - June 14, 2016

    Just picked up “Thinking, Fast and Slow” from library. Hope it is as interesting as your chit chat was. One interesting note, when I placed my hold on it I noticed that out of the ten copies our local library system has across its branches, four had been checked out within a few days of the release of this podcast. Coincidence. I think not. Allison you have at least five followers of CCATP in West Michigan.

  3. Allison Sheridan - June 14, 2016

    Thanks Chris – I’m loving the book!

  4. Anonymous - June 14, 2016

    This is terrific. I wonder if Kahneman’s book sales have gone up on Amazon, too! Another also awesome book is “The Invisible Gorilla.” I think I recommended it last time.

  5. podfeet - June 14, 2016

    I suspect that “Anonymous” poster was Dr. Garry…

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