PencilClipz from Radtech for Your Apple Pencil

PencilClipzThe Apple Pencil is a marvelous accessory for the iPad Pro. I’m no artist but I keep my Pencil close at hand because of how easy it is to use handwriting to type using the MyScript Stylus third party keyboard. I hear from a lot of iPad owners that while they like the Pencil, the fact that there’s no way to stick it to the iPad is a problem. They forget the Pencil at home, or they fear they’ll lose it.

Perhaps PencilClipz from RadTech is the solution. PencilClipz is simply a small plastic sleeve that you slide onto your Pencil. It has a small piece that slides into the lightning port. holding the Pencil tightly up against the side of the iPad. It also sports a handy pocket clip which will hold the Pencil in your shirt pocket. PencilClipz is only $7.95US.

RadTech sent me the PencilClipz and it’s pretty cool. My big fear was that the insert to the lightning port would easily break off, lodging inside the connector port. I used the PencilClipz for about 3 weeks straight and the insert stayed firmly connected to the sleeve. There’s a tiny instruction sheet included in which they strongly suggest you avoid twisting the PencilClipz as you pull it out. It’s easy and natural to pull it out straight so my fears were put to rest after using it for a while.

Since I carry a purse, I don’t have a strong need for the PencilClipz. I have a handy little makeup case (not with makeup in it, silly) in which I carry my cables and portable charger, and the Apple Pencil fits in there nicely. I also don’t have shirts with front pockets (heck, most of my pants don’t even have pockets). I think that having the pocket clip would be a huge advantage for men since they do have front pocket, and they don’t generally carry purses.

The pocket clip makes the PencilClipz a little big clunkier than it needs to be and the Pencil less comfortable to hold. I found that when I was using it regularly to store my Pencil connected to my iPad, I would take the PencilClipz off when I wanted to write. Luckily it comes on and off just easily enough, but doesn’t ever slide off when you don’t want it to, so I tended to take it off while writing.

The Apple Pencil is actually slightly longer than the short side of the smaller iPad Pro, so even though the PencilClipz is doing it’s job perfectly, your Pencil might get knocked out because it’s too long. On the bigger iPad Pro the Pencil fits perfectly along the shorter side when using PencilClipz.

Bottom line, if you’re having trouble keeping track of your Apple Pencil for your iPad Pro, I think it’s worth $8 to try out PencilClipz from RadTech.

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