NC #582 PencilClipz, On Uber and Self-Driving Cars, iCloud Photo Sharing for Non-Apple Users

In this week’s show I’ll tell you about PencilClipz from RadTech that might help keep track of your Apple Pencil for you, I’ll answer a dumb question that ends with an explanation of how to share photos with iCloud Photo Sharing even for non-Apple users. I did a couple of thought pieces for the show – the first is about Uber and how it’s changing my world and then about how our illusory superiority affects our thoughts about self-driving cars.

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Hi this is Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast Mac Podcast, hosted at, a technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias. Today is Sunday July 3, 2016 and this is show number 582.

Chit Chat Across the Pond this Week

If you didn’t catch Chit Chat Across the Pond yet from this week, you are in for a treat. My guest is Andy Ihnatko, technology columnist for the Chicago Sun Times and regular guest on MacBreak Weekly. You might have thought I’d have him on to talk about technology but instead I wanted to talk to him about journalism. We talk a bit about his career and how he became a journalist, and then we talk about the trend of what I call “regurgitation sites” and how that might affect the future. Andy is delightfully thoughtful and entertaining. Remember Chit Chat Across the Pond is a separate feed now so do a search in your favorite podcatcher of just give a listen over at episode #445.

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Blog Posts

PencilClipz from Radtech for Your Apple Pencil

On Uber

Dumb Question Corner: How Can I Use iCloud Photo Sharing with Non-Apple Users

On Self-Driving Cars and Illusory Superiority

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3 thoughts on “NC #582 PencilClipz, On Uber and Self-Driving Cars, iCloud Photo Sharing for Non-Apple Users

  1. Mike Leonard - July 4, 2016

    Self driving cars, like any technology, in a perfect world it would be great.
    My problem is not the safety as much as the autonomy / independence of the driver.

    I can just see random crashes due to cross communications, buggy software and actual hackers. You always hear about how if cars progressed like computers we would have 100 dollar cars going 1000MPH but they would only drive on certain streets and would appear to stop for no reason at all.

    Guess what, except for the 1000MPH and cheap cost the down sides could easily be a reality! No thanks I’ll keep my manual car.

    Mike Leonard

    PS The population already can’t do basic math because of calculators, this would take away yet another SKILL.
    If you want fewer accidents teach better driving.
    I get the feeling that Illusory Superiority is being taught!

  2. Shelly Brisbin - July 12, 2016

    The difficulty with most “studies” about self-driving cars is that drivers = people. I think you even did this, in your assessment, Allison. If you present a scenerio to people in their role as drivers of motor vehicles, their perception will be quite different from responses you would get if you created scenarios in which people were asked to react to the behavior of vehicles (with or without people operating them.) If you approach a person as a driver, his/her needs differ markedly from the needs of a pedestrian or transit user. The point is that if you assume people always to be drivers, your ability to design a system that gets people from point A to point B will be limited by the needs of the vehicle, and the driver’s perception os same. Very few discussions of self-driving cars actually deal with the challenges and opportunities associated with decoupling the person from the vehicle. If we don’t attempt to do that, there isn’t much point in making cars that drive themselves, is there?

  3. podfeet - July 12, 2016

    I’m not sure I follow, Shelly. I think in the end game we will have cars decoupled from people as you suggest. It could be Uber-like where we no longer own cars, we just summon them and we don’t have to park them (no garages?)

    But I don’t see how that changes any of the arguments I make about why humans shouldn’t be trusted as drivers.

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