NC #588 Bandwidth Ideas, SSD in a Mac mini, Language Support on Podfeet, AppleTV on Hotel Wifi

George from Tulsa is back with some ideas on what might be causing Denise’s high bandwidth usage. It’s a great list of things to check out. Denise comes back with a great success story on the issue and then a walkthrough of her recent upgrade of her Mac mini to an SSD with some great advice. I get a word in edgewise with these two and talk about how I added language support to and how we FINALLY got our AppleTV working on hotel WiFi so Steve could watch the Olympics.

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Denise on Upgrading to an SSD on a Mac mini

Kit stock photoHello Fellow NosillaCastaways, this is Denise Crown with a review of Other World Computing’s SSD upgrade kit for the Mac mini.

I love my Mac mini. It’s a late 2012 with the i7 chip, a terabyte drive and 16 GB of RAM. Lately the spindle drive is showing signs of potential failure so I thought about buying a new computer, but Apple is due to refresh hardware and I really didn’t want to spend thousands right now.

This led me to pop over to and moments later I had ordered a 1 TB OWC Solid State Drive with a toolkit and an enclosure to turn my old drive into an external. Spoiler Alert: I just want to say right now that was the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. Continue reading “Denise on Upgrading to an SSD on a Mac mini”

George Pulls the Pig’s Tail

George from Tulsa is back with another guest post:

In her July 31 review of the Netgear Nighthawk X8 Router, Denise mentioned a couple of problems to be solved, and I’m here to offer some suggestions and experience that might help.

Denise has a problem with “power bricks that block other outlets,” and I say Amen to that.

The solution that usually works for me is a pigtail. As an electronics “consumer” you’re more likely to see it advertised as a “Power Strip Liberator.”

I’ve been using the Coleman Cable’s 8-Inch Power Strip Liberator. They’re colorful, there’s a tiny light in one end that until it burns out tells at a glance if your device is plugged and powered, and they’re only ten bucks for three at the Amazon link in the Shownotes. There’s many similar products in real and virtual stores; I first saw the Colemans at Wallyworld.

Denise also mentioned “runaway bandwidth” that happens unpredictably, several times a year.

Been there, identified some.
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