NC #590 AmazonBasics Tripod, Liberate Your Activity Data, Bandwidth Tests, Emojify your Contacts, Metal vs Glass Prints

Update your iOS devices to 9.3.5 without delay to protect yourself from a really nasty exploit in the wild. Steven Goetz does a guest review of the AmazonBasics 62” Aluminum Ball Head Tripod. I’ll walk you through how to liberate your Activity data so that you can see it in other apps like Activity++ and Pedometer++ from Steve and I performed an exhaustive network test comparing the Apple Airport Extreme against the Netgear Nighthawk X8 (spoiler alert, it is definitely worth the price differential!) Lindsay gives us a fun tip to make our Contacts more interesting. Fantastic metal prints from

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Metal vs. Glass Prints

PoppiesBefore I met Mark Pouley, I was content with taking photos, editing them on the computer and displaying them online. But Mark started encouraging me to get some of them printed in large format. He’s trying to drag me into his madness (his house is FULL of large prints of his photos). It did sound like fun.

A few years ago I successfully captured the beauty of some California Poppies during a trip to Santa Barbara County. If you haven’t seen these, they’re gorgeous bright orange flowers that adorn our local area in the spring each year. Mark kept nagging me to get it printed.

This particular photo stands out because of the exquisite light coming through the blooms. I was proud of this photo because I actually crawled under these little blossoms just to catch that light. In thinking about how to print a photo where light is so important, I decided to try printing on glass. Continue reading “Metal vs. Glass Prints”

Liven Up Your Contacts Just for Fun

Contacts with emojiWe’ve been doing some good work here on the NosillaCast, learning about vulnerabilities and the importance of doing updates, exercising to get those little rings to go round and round, diagramming workflows, and testing bandwidth to compare routers. I thought it would be good to take a break from all this seriousness for somethings silly. My daughter Lindsay came up with a little tip for us and I asked her what problem it solved. She said simply, “It’s fun.”

When you go into your contacts on iOS (and there’s probably an analog to this on Android and Windows Phone), there’s a Favorites list. On her phone, there’s an emoji next to each person. For example, her husband Nolan has a heart next to his name. My name has a computer next to it, and her brother Kyle has the poop emoji.

I asked her how she did this and she explained that you simply open each contact and edit the last name field, and add the emoji using the keyboard. How easy is that? I went through on my phone and gave Steve the smiley face with sunglasses, Lindsay has an angel, and Kyle has a smirking face. Oh – and my favorite pizza parlor, Georgio’s, has a pizza emoji!.

It’s fun to look at and there’s some other side effects. When Lindsay calls me using Siri, Siri says, “Calling Allison Computer”! I bet it’s even more fun when she calls her brother! When you get emails from the people you’ve given emoji’s it shows up in there too!

Take a break from all this seriousness and have some fun with your contacts!

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