Dumb Question – How to Extract a Different Image From a Live Photo

This week’s Dumb Question comes from Dorothy, AKA maclurker in the live chat room. You haven’t heard from her in forever because she’s been traveling in Alaska and Canada on her boat for the last few months. With total disregard for how lonely I am at the gym this summer, she seems to be having a splendid time watching bears and such.

She rarely has enough Internet to check in, but this week she sent in a question:

Live Photo showing in Photos.app“Yesterday we went to the Anan Bear Observatory and got to see bears catching salmon in a waterfall and bear cubs and even some bear drama. Some of the action was pretty fast. Marc was using his iPhone SE to take pictures. The iPhone is new enough to do that creepy-wiggly thing where it takes 5 or 6 snaps in a row for every picture you take.

(I think she means Live Photos)

If the image taken at the instant you click the shutter is Image 0, then the ones immediately before could be labeled Image -1, Image -2, etc. And the ones immediately after could be Image 1, Image 2, etc.

If you say save this photo to the Photos app, it just copies Image 0, without giving you any choice. But what if Image 1 or Image -2 is better and that’s the one you want to use. How do you get to it?”

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