CES 2017: Kwikset Premis HomeKit Smart Lock

Allison interviews Ashton Good from Kwikset about their new Premis line of smart locks for home use. Premis smart locks have a capacitive touchscreen and allow you to control and monitor lock status from anywhere using the Premis iOS app and an Apple TV. Premis locks are HomeKit compatible and use Apple’s approved end-to-end encryption to ensure security. The setting is the CES Conference show floor.

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4 thoughts on “CES 2017: Kwikset Premis HomeKit Smart Lock

  1. Niraj - January 14, 2017

    Since it is Siri-enabled, can a burglar be standing at the door or standing near you (since you always have your iPhone in the pocket) and shouting “hey Siri, open the front door!” ?

    That Siri simplicity is what scares me about smart door locks.

    Considering the Amazon Echo has much better microphones, one could just yell through an open window, “Alexa, unlock the front door!”


  2. Niraj - January 14, 2017

    Some smart locks don’t have a keypad at all. Which type is better?

    Or is it a convenience versus security tradeoff?

  3. Anonymous - February 17, 2017

    In order for Siri to unlock the door you need to unlock your phone, if your phone is locked, Siri won’t unlock the door.

  4. Nancy - April 24, 2017

    Are you sure you can’t just say, “Hey Siri…”?

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