NAB 2017: B&H Mobile Microphones

Allison interviews Alan Lugo about several of the microphones that B&H offers for mobile applications. Alan covers 1) the Rode small condenser microphone that plugs into the audio jack your mobile phone, 2) the Audio-Technica low cost lavaliere microphone, 3) the Zoom iQ7 high quality stereo microphone that plugs into the Lightning port of your iPhone, and 4) the Sennheiser Action Mic designed to plug into a GoPro Hero4 camera for improved audio capture. The setting is the NAB Show floor in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Learn more at

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2 thoughts on “NAB 2017: B&H Mobile Microphones

  1. Frank Petrie - May 16, 2017

    B&H has always been tops. I have a question about your production, though. What camera are you using? And I’m guessing that Steve was the videographer. Are you using a steadying mechanism or are your hands just that steady?

  2. Steven Sheridan - May 17, 2017

    Frank, we agree – B&H has always been top notch. And yes, I am the videographer. I’m using a camcorder that I just purchased, a Panasonic HC-V770 HD. It doesn’t record in 4K but I didn’t need 4K resolution for the videos I produce for Allison. I don’t use a steadying mechanism but two things help to stabilize the video: 1) I use a monopod to help stabilize the camera while I’m shooting and 2) the V770 has image stabilization which helps a bit with the video. I’m generally happy with the camcorder. My only complaints are that the white balance controls are buried fairly deep in the camera’s menu system and there’s a bit of delay in the audio monitor while recording.

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