#534 Apple Music, Cheap Impostor, Chambers Dictionary and Thesaurus, Myke Hurley from Relay FM

Allister Jenks guest hosts while Allison has some family time in San Diego. Allister reviews Apple Music. Nick Riley reviews Cheap Impostor for creating printed booklets. Allister reviews Chambers dictionary and Thesaurus apps for your iOS devices. In Chit Chat Across The Pond, Allister interviews Myke Hurley, co-founder of Relay FM, about his journey from […]

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#515 Adonit Styluses, 360Heros, Evernote Scannable, Blue Ant Ribbon, IT training with Elaine Giles and Mike Thomas

Two interviews from CES: Adonit styluses have come a long way from their simple beginnings, and 360Heros holders for multiple GoPro cameras for surround video. Allister reviews Evernote’s Scannable iOS app which can make short work of “scanning” documents with an iDevice camera. Steve Davidson reviews the Blue Ant Ribbon to “Bluetooth-ify” your favourite earbuds. […]

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#497 choosing between iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Bluetooth keyboards, RGB Express game and iOS app design and marketing

Allister Jenks guest hosts the show this week and talks about his decision process on buying a new iPhone in 2014. Donald Burr reviews two Bluetooth keyboards for his iOS devices. Then Allister reviews the iOS game RGB Express and finally on CCATP talks with Andrew J Clark about all aspects of building a unique […]

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#462 Watershot underwater iPhone case, IcyDock EZ-Dock, AnyFont, teaching technology to the young and old

This show is guest hosted by Allister Jenks. Dorothy, aka MacLurker, reviews the Watershot Underwater camera housing for iPhone, Bart reviews the IcyDock EZ-Dock hard drive “toaster” for cheaper disk expansion, I review AnyFont for installing your own fonts on iOS and Melissa Davis, aka TheMacMommy, joins me to discuss teaching the old and young how to use […]

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#393 Sydney antics and meetup, Dashboard widgets, travelling iPhones, DropBox for community organisations and podcasting and writing from Australia

This week Allister Jenks from New Zealand stands in for Allison. Allister tells the tale of podfeet encounters in Sydney and talk about travelling with an iPhone 5. Kirschen Seah reviews some OS X Dashboard widgets. Trevor Drover describes how to set up an operate a DropBox account for a community organisation. Bart does Security […]

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