Engadget Live – Eclipse VR Game

Allison interviews the founder of White Elk Studios, Jonathan Hawkins, about his new VR game Eclipse. Jonathan designed Eclipse and configured the PC and Mac hardware used to run the game. Eclipse presents a very immersive VR experience that is fluid and easy to follow. The setting is the Engadget Live event in downtown Los Angeles. Learn more at whiteelkstudios.com.

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Steady Your GoPro Videos with the Feiyu G4 3-Axis Steady Gimbal

Guest blogger Steve Sheridan

Feiyu G4 gimbal with GoProThe gadget I’m reviewing today is the G4 Handheld Steady Gimbal made by Feiyu Tech. This cool piece of kit is designed to steady a GoPro Hero camera while taking handheld video.

Let’s start with the problem to be solved. Say you’re on vacation and decide to take some video with your GoPro camera while in a jeep bouncing wildly over the dunes, or riding a camel in the Dubai desert or possibly riding on the back of a lumbering elephant. You bring back your video for editing and it looks pretty good, but you notice how shaky the video is due to all of that bouncing around you did. You try to stabilize the scenes with your video editor but most of the scenes are just too shaky to be properly stabilized with software.

Enter the G4 Handheld Steady Gimbal. This device does a wonderful job of stabilizing your GroPro camera under almost any moving, rotating, vibrating or shaking conditions. The G4 gimbal performs much better than those handheld steady-cam rigs with counter-balance weights hanging underneath. It doesn’t need any balancing prior to use and it maintains a very steady lock in azimuth, pitch and roll regardless of how vigorously you move it.

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Can a Tile Help You Find Lost Items? (by Steve Sheridan)

four tiles in the box with instructionsHi Allison, this is Steve back with a product review. The gadget I am reviewing today is the Tile and its associated iOS application, appropriately called TheTileApp.

Let’s start with the problem to be solved. Nearly everyone I know has either lost or misplaced a personal item at some point in their lives. For some of us *raises hand sheepishly* this problem occurs frequently. This is a common problem that is really begging for a solution.

Tile started as a Kickstarter project back in 2013 to specifically address this problem. I contributed to the Kickstarter project two months ago, back in late September and I just received my package of four Tile devices. The Kickstarter project was quite successful and the Tile is now available to purchase at their website www.thetileapp.com at a cost of $25 for one Tile, $70 for four, or $80 for eight Tiles.

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