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NAB 2018: Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

Allison interviews Terry LoBianco from Backblaze about their B2 cloud storage services. B2 Cloud Storage is similar to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure storage, and Google Cloud Storage. This service is Backblaze’s latest product offering, with the lowest price enterprise cloud storage service on the market. B2 Cloud Storage, referred to as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or object storage, enables programmers, developers, IT professionals, and others to easily store mass volumes of data in the cloud. You can quickly scale up and down while paying for your actual usage – no locked fees. The setting is NAB Show floor in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Learn more at

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Manage All of Your Cloud Storage with CloudMounter

CloudMounter with four virtual drivesI’ve recently come across an interesting service called CloudMounter. CloudMounter is designed to help manage the plethora of cloud storage services we’re all using today. I’ll dig into more of the specifics of the problems it solves as I go through the review.

If you’ve taken a look at CloudMounter in the past and didn’t see the value of it, stick with me. When I first looked at it, I didn’t think it was for me either, but luckily my contact at Eltima, the makers of CloudMounter, wouldn’t let me walk away until he was sure I understood what it could do. I’m sure glad he did because I do think this is a very valuable service. You may also have walked away because you didn’t like their pricing model, but that has changed recently with version 3.0 so it’s worth taking another look.

Let’s walk through the different problems CloudMounter solves.
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2017 Year in Review Part 1 – What Am I Still Using?

I’ve always thought it might be interesting to look back on all of the products I’ve reviewed over the years and see what I’m still using. That would be a gargantuan effort, given that I’ve been doing this for over 12 years!

But then I thought, maybe I could look at the past year and see what products are still valuable and what just fell away over time and maybe a quick discussion on why. I went through every blog post to see what I talked about in 2017, so here goes.
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NC #642 B2 Storage from Backblaze, Capturing a Total Eclipse, iPhone Forerunners, Parallels Toolbox

In what can only be considered prescient, Allister Jenks has a review of Backblaze’s B2 log-term storage solutions right as CrashPlan bails on home customers. I’ll walk you through how Steve managed to capture video and create an awesome photo of the total solar eclipse, while still enjoying the experience with minimal camera fiddling. Ryan Winkler joins us for the first time about two products I’ve recommended, Webcam Settings and the ATR2100 microphone. Allister comes back in with a talk on the Forerunners of the iPhone. Then I do an extensive review of all of the tools in the fantastic Parallels Toolbox.

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CrashPlan Didn’t Give Up

A few weeks ago I talked about the long adventure I’d been through with Lawrence from CrashPlan trying to help me adopt my off-site backup from my 2013 MacBook Pro to my 2016 MacBook Pro. I explained that he’d worked really hard but never could get a backup running for me.

I tested out Backblaze, and found that in just 18 hours it had successfully backed up my new Mac. I gave Lawrence the link to the blog post about what happened, and you would think the story would end there, but you would be wrong.

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NC #562 AppleCare, Robo 3D, Ember, MyScript Stylus, Belty, Urbanears, Hydrao

We get to listen to three more CES Interviews: Robo 3D Printers – a company with a social conscience, Ember Smart Mug to keep your liquids hot (or cold) and Hydrao Smart Shower Head that hopes to gamify your water usage. I mix into that an interesting story about how Dorothy almost lost $300 worth of music from iTunes but employing the “if you don’t like what Mom says, ask Dad” strategy she got all of her music back. I also do a review of the awesome MyScript Stylus “keyboard” for iOS that does on-the-fly OCR as you write by hand with a stylus or Apple Pencil. We also have a quick conversation with Bart Busschots from about the bruhaha that broke just recently when Adobe’s Creative Cloud installer broke Backblaze backup software.

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