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Nite Ize Taglit Might Save Your Life

Taglit yellow red with leds onIf you’ve been paying any attention to my nonsense over the years, you already know that I exercise a lot. In the mornings I alternate between running along the beach and doing the elliptical at the gym every other day. In the afternoons, I take Tesla for a nice long walk, anywhere from 1-3 miles depending on how many more calories my Apple Watch tells me I need to burn. I’m usually doing around 18,000 steps a day with this routine.

I exercise this much to avoid heart disease (my dad had his first heart attack at age 43), but also so I can eat (and drink) more!

So what’s the problem to be solved, it all sounds great, other than I’ll probably need a knee replacement or two way ahead of most people? The problem is the time change. I’m lucky enough to live where we have a lot of daylight, but in the winter, if I go for my usual walk around 4-5pm, it will be at dusk.

In the last few weeks, I was almost hit by a car. Twice.

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George from Tulsa on the RAV 4 Hybrid

Georges new toyota rav4Allison put out an emergency call for listener submissions, suggesting quick reviews of gadgets on the desk? Here’s hoping she won’t object to one that’s in the garage, because this is George Fromtulsa with an overview of the “Advanced” Safety Electronics in my new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

Problems to be solved by new car. Obtain advanced electronic safety tech. In self defense, sit higher for a better sight line amidst the fleets of giant trucks and SUVs on Oklahoma’s roads.

Side note: I was driving a low mileage 2007 Camry Hybrid in near perfect condition. It was reliable, quiet, and composed on even the worst roads. Did I mention 35 to 38 MPG? The Camry just didn’t have advanced tech, and from the driver’s seat I was often looking up at trailer hitches.

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