Taming the Terminal

TTT_logoTaming the Terminal is a collaboration between Bart Busschots and Allison Sheridan. The tutorials were written by Bart and hosted on his site at https://www.bartbusschots.ie/s/blog/taming-the-terminal/. The series of tutorials originally aired on several NosillaCast podcast episodes.

In the series, Bart guides Allison through a collection of tutorials to help people become comfortable using the Terminal and to learn efficient ways of controlling their computer and diagnosing network problems. While both hosts are using OS X, every effort is made to include both Linux and Windows comparative commands where possible.

Bart is a Linux system administrator by day, is hosts the Let’s Talk Apple and Let’s Talk Photography podcasts. Allison is the host of the NosillaCast podcast, A Technology Geek Podcast with an EVER so Slight Macintosh Bias.

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