Impossible Tempered Glass Convinces Me to Use a Screen Protector

Tempered Glass going on a cameraA few weeks ago I got an email from Patchworks, who sell a product called Impossible Tempered Glass screen protectors. They asked me if I’d like to test one designed for the display on my Olympus camera. I have to admit that I was intrigued by the idea of some protection for my camera. It’s so small I can throw it in my purse, and did over nearly a month traveling in India. I worried about the zippers inside my purse, or other random things I throw in there, afraid that they would wreck my display. So far they haven’t but I worry about it a lot.

However, I don’t like screen protectors. So I wrote back to them saying, “I hate screen protectors, I’ve never seen one that I like. If you’re bold enough, I’m willing to try yours. If I hate it I won’t review it but if you change my mind about screen protectors and I like it I’ll review it. Up for the challenge?” I figured that would get rid of them, right?
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