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#522 10th Anniversary Show, Rechargeable 9V Batteries, Returning Milanese Loop, Good Bad and Ugly about Photos, Tayzu Robotics, TTT 34 Introducing HTTP

NosillaCast 10 year image feet, fireworksWoohoo – it’s the 10 year anniversary of the NosillaCast on Wednesday! I got to be on Let’s Talk Apple, and listen to the show to get $10 off the early bird pricing for Macstock . Don’t forget to register at so Barry knows you’re coming to the barbecue too. David Quiring corrects me and sends a link to rechargeable 9V batteries. I explain why I’m returning the Milanese Loop for Apple Watch, and then I cover a lot more about the Photos App: debating whether they really REMOVED things from Photos, how confusing the terminology is inside Photos, and I even talk about what I like in Photos (like the adjustments everyone is whining about. Another interview from CES, this time with Tayzu Robotics about their wicked cool drone that can land in water without being destroyed.

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I’m Returning the Milanese Loop for Apple Watch

Milanese_Loop sitting at an angleMilanese_Loop_Apple_Watch on my armI’m going to hold off on talking too much about the watch this week because I’ve actually not been testing as much as you would have thought I would. That’s because Steve’s watch didn’t come right away and out of solidarity I’m waiting on a bunch of stuff I want to try. The good news is that he’s getting his watch on Monday so we should be able to have some fun. I did want to tell you one thing this week though.

I really drooled when I first saw the Milanese Loop in the Apple Watch announcement. When I went to my try-on appointment the first day after the watch went on sale, I liked the Milanese Loop but it was a bit more industrial looking than it was in the pictures. While the side views in the advertisements makes it look super shiny and elegant, it’s actually a darker grey than I had hoped. I ordered it anyway, shelling out $150 for the privilege.
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What DO You Like In Photos?

light controls as I'll describe later in the postTo make sure you know I don’t dislike Photos, I should tell you some stuff I do like. Exporting from Photos works pretty well. You can choose JPEG, TIFF or PNG, set the quality (low/med/high for JPEG & PNG, 16bit for TIFF) and you can define the size of the exported image. You can choose to simply constrain the width or the height, or you can define a specific dimension. I like that you can choose to retain certain info in the file, like the Title, keywords and description and/or the location information. I like to test this kind of thing, so I put the word “boogers” in the description field of a photo, exported it, then did a search for the word boogers in Spotlight and it immediately found the photo. That’s pretty cool. If you do a Get Info on the file it also shows the Title in there.

Another thing I like to do after naming my photos is to export them (in order) to then upload them to social media. In Aperture I could export them with the name I had given them with an index in front of it to keep them in order. In Photos I have to choose between those two options – either to name the file with the title OR have an index number plus the same title for each photo. For example on my recent trip I might export 01-riding camels, 02-dune bashing. But in Photos I have to either have 01-Dubai, 02-Dubai, OR Riding camels and dune bashing which will get alphabetized instead of staying in time order. I submitted the combination as a feature request on but in the mean time I sent Dorothy a note suggestion she write me an AppleScript/Automator Action to grab the Title from Get Info and the sequence number from the file and replace the name. I like to keep her busy, you know.
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So Confused – Photos vs All Photos

showing three places they explain photos vs all photosThere’s one thing that still confuses me about Photos. In Photos you can look at your Photos as Photos or All Photos. Did I mention to you that it kind of drives me nuts that Apple uses generic terms to name things? Let me tell you what I DO know about Photos vs. All Photos.

In Photos you can view an individual photo, back out to see the Moment that contains the photo, back out again and see the Collection in which the Moment exists, and then back out one more time to get to the Year in which the Collection exists. I cannot find a definition anywhere of what a “Moment” is or a “Collection” for that matter. A Collection of mine is called “Dubai, Amer & San Diego”. I don’t know what Amer is, but this sounds like a Collection is location-based. This collection has no photos taken in San Diego by the way. Moments appear to be time based, but I’m not clear on what timeframe they’re using because some photos are taken on the same day but aren’t in the same Collection. So‚Ķare you clear on what Photos is? Nope, me neither.
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Backup Weirdness after Photos Library Transition

superduper_iconI do want to talk a bit more about things I’ve discovered about Photos since my initial discovery. After the transition to Photos from Aperture, SuperDuper!, which I use for my local backups, told me that my 1TB backup drive couldn’t accommodate my 850GB of data. When you run the migration from iPhoto/Aperture to Photos, it creates a new library file that looks like it’s a complete duplicate of all of your photos, thereby doubling the disk space chewed up by photos. However, the two databases use hard links to a single set of files, so in fact it’s not a true duplicate.

I suspected that the problem might be that SuperDuper! was viewing the old library and the new library as duplicates of the data. I tried searching in their help files for an answer but Apple’s insistence on calling things by their generic names (like Photos), it makes it REALLY hard to use search pretty much anywhere.
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