How Apple’s Photos App Convinced Me to Buy a 12″ Macbook

Allison proudly holding the 12_inch_macbookI’ve always used one computer at a time, while others have a desktop and a laptop. Because I only had one computer, I have always gone for the fastest machine I could buy with the most storage and RAM Apple could build into it. That also means I bought only laptops, not desktops. I think the last time I had a desktop it was when Steve and I shared a G4 tower!

My Macs do some fairly heavy lifting. I don’t edit video, but I do broadcast live video while recording and editing audio. That drives the purchase of a high end processor and a lot of RAM. Disk is an issue too, since I create a couple of gigabytes of audio files a week. Again, it’s not video files I’m creating but, those audio files do stack up. But that’s not the primary thing that drives my need for disk. The primary thing is that I really want ALL of my photos with me everywhere I go.

I take a lot of photos, and I go to great effort to organize and name my photos so that I can instantly find them. If someone brings up Halloween costumes, I want to be able to instantly bring up the picture of my mom and dad dressed as Tarzan and Jane while my mom was super pregnant or the crazy bat costume my dad made for my brother Grant. Someone says sailboat, and they’re going to see a picture of Windride, the sailboat I grew up on. It makes me really happy to be able to do this.

However, the game has been completely changed with the new Photos app. Continue reading “How Apple’s Photos App Convinced Me to Buy a 12″ Macbook”

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