A 240GB SSD in the Form Factor of a Thumb Drive from OWC

envoy_pro_mini on top of external drive for scaleWhether you have a diminutive ultrabook like a Macbook Air with a tiny SSD or a beefy desktop with a giant drive in it, you still want more storage. You know how it is, the more space you have the more you need, right? I think it’s like with houses, if you have 4 bedrooms and only two people, you’ll manage to fill up every room in the house. I believe it stems back to our inherent laziness that if it’s harder to keep things tidy than it is to be sloppy then we revert to our slovenly instincts. Ok, two of you out there are saying, “Not ME!” but I’m betting I speak to the rest of you. Personally I bought a 1TB SSD in my recent MacBook Pro but somehow I only have 140GB free on it!

In the old days (which were about 15 minutes ago by my watch) we used external USB drives mostly for backup because it just wasn’t fast enough to keep our live data externally. USB 1 transferred data at 12 Mbit/sec. USB 2 brought us a 40X speed increase up to 480 Mbit/sec but that still wasn’t fast enough. The speed problems were exacerbated by the use of spinning drives because SSDs were still so expensive. Today’s computers now sport the shiny new USB 3 ports at 5Gbit/sec, and SSDs have plummeted in price so it might just be worth while to use external storage for real time use.
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A Mac You Can Charge from a Portable Phone Battery

graph as describedIf you’re anything like me, you’re constantly surveying rooms in hotels and at conferences and at friends houses for places to plug in your electronics. Smartphones phones, tablets, computers and now even watches are all seeking a charge. Heck, even my books need to be charged now that I use a Kindle.

One of the great joys of Apple’s recent laptop lines over the past few years is their ever longer battery life. When Apple says “all day battery” they really mean it. The new 12″ Macbook is no exception. I’ve really enjoyed playing with it most of the day and then just charging at night. Many people have scoffed at this adorable computer because of its single port because they worry about charging AND using external devices. But if you never have to plug it into power while you’re going about your day I don’t see why it’s such a big deal.
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