Why is Delete Missing from Image Capture and Why Is That OK?

delete button there before iCloud and gone afterHow many times have you run into the problem of an iPhone or iPad that was running out of space? Happens a lot, and if you’re well informed, you know about the hidden jewel of OS X – Image Capture. While not well known, it allows you to plug in your device and view all of the photos and videos as large thumbnails. From there you can select photos to either have them imported into iPhoto or Aperture, or dump them all to your hard drive. Once you’ve executed that maneuver, you can select all (or just some) and hit the handy dandy delete button to remove them all from your device. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this to clean up a device.

This week Steve wanted to delete some photos from his iPhone, so he connected it to his Mac, launched Image Captureā€¦but there was no Delete button. I took a look, but I couldn’t find it either. We did a bunch of searching but no joy. I even found the current Apple Support Article where they still say, “You can also select individual items on your device, then press the Delete key on your keyboard” but pressing delete does nothing, and the Delete button simply isn’t there any more.
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