How Hard Can Screencasting Be?

screenflow_logoOne of my favorite things about doing the NosillaCast is the emails I get from people when they send in their first audio review for the show. They usually go something like this, “Wow, that was HARD! I had to re-record 28 times and it took me forever to do a 3 minute review! How do you do it every week?” I love it because these people come away really appreciating the sport that is podcasting. Of course after they do a few they get the hang of it and aren’t so amazed any more but at least it’s fun for a while.

I bring this up because I’ve experienced the same thing on the flip side doing videos for Don McAllister’s ScreenCasts Online. You cannot believe how hard it is to do what he does. I’m only doing a tutorial every couple of months and it’s positively exhausting. Here’s the typical process:
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Honda Mechanic Repairs a Cracked iPhone Screen

phone_bobs_fingersMy daughter was nicknamed Jibblies by her roommates in college because she has shaky hands. Most of the time her jibblies aren’t a problem but a few weeks ago she wanted to take a picture and asked her husband for his iPhone…which she promptly dropped and shattered the screen. Two days later, she dropped her OWN iPhone…shattering the screen.

The good news for Lindsay was that when I bought her’s for Christmas, I bought it with AppleCare. I’m a HUGE proponent of AppleCare, especially for things we can carry around. The iPhone deal (in the US at least) is that it extends your hardware warranty from 1 to 2 years and phone support from 90 days to 2 years. But it also gives you two repairs for any kind of accidental damage. You do have to pay $79 for each repair but it’s cheaper than the $109 Apple charges to replace the screen and they give you the refurb on the spot instead of waiting days for a repair, and it protects you from other kinds of accidental damage like that pesky water electronics seem to seek.
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