CCATP #456 Mike Elgan on Life as a Digital Nomad

Mike Elgan is an opinion columnist, currently working on a book about digital nomad living. You may have seen or heard him on the TWiT network where he’s a frequent contributor to TWIT, MacBreak Weekly and he was formerly the host of Tech News Today.

Mike and his family spend many months at a time living in different countries and he tells us about how he does it, what he’s learned (don’t buy the boots) and of course the tech he uses to do his own podcast and contribute to others. You can find Mike on Twitter @becomingnomad, he’s a huge contributor on Google Plus, and he’s got all of his tech gear and his photography from each country over at You can also find him on the FatCast – Mike Elgan’s Food and Technology Podcast.

Mike has written many articles for Computer World on this subject:

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4 thoughts on “CCATP #456 Mike Elgan on Life as a Digital Nomad

  1. latenightlizzie - September 28, 2016

    What a fabulous episode! I have just listened, absolutely enthralled via the Overcast app on my iPhone and would have given the episode a “highly recommend” if the option was available. I love travelling and this was packed full of sensible advice and good ideas I’d love to be able to use if/when I am ever able to become a nomad at some point in the future. Thank you Allison! Keep up the great work.

  2. Frank - September 28, 2016

    Hi Allison, I finally had time to listen to this podcast. Thanks, it was a very interesting CCATP.

    BTW the download link has an error. It should start with https://.. instead of httsp://..
    So far no one has mentioned it, am I the only one who still downloads podcasts? 😉

  3. podfeet - September 28, 2016

    Thanks, Frank! I’m sure glad you wrote, because I copy/paste that section every week and only change the date of the episode, so this problem would have propagated indefinitely if you hadn’t helped. I don’t know how many people download that way but I’ll keep doing it even if it’s only for you. I know when I didn’t have that link people asked for it, so you’re in good company I think. I REALLY like it when people tell me about mistakes so I can fix them!

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