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NC #649 Cloud Outliner, Apple TV Remote Case, Selling Apple Gear, Security Bits

Barry Porter tells us about another way to address Bluetooth problems by resetting the Bluetooth hardware module. I’ll tell you why I like Setapp and how it helped me find Cloud Outliner Pro from…. In a Tiny Tip I tell you how to solve the problem of your Apple TV remote always being upside down. Then I’ll tell you the process of how I sell my Apple products so I can afford new toys. We’ve got Bart Busschots with Security Bits.

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Dumb Question Corner – What’s the Difference Between an Amp and a Receiver?

Gen 4 Apple TVListener Jill sent in a great dumb question this week, and Allison decided that I was more qualified to answer. Here’s Jill’s question:

What is a “receiver”?

The reason for my question is, Apple told us at WWDC that the 4th gen Apple TV could be used as a destination for Airplay 2 (multi-room audio). But the 4th gen Apple TV has no audio out, so how can that work? I don’t want my TV screen lighting up every time I want to play a podcast! Well, I asked around, and I got told “You need a receiver that offers HDMI connections”. Hence my question. So … what is a “receiver”? Also, supplementary question – why is it called a “receiver”? I have a good old fashioned amp, because I’m nearly as old as you are. I get amps: sound sources go in; you choose one, adjust the volume, job done. You can’t buy them any more – just these receiver things, and since I never got on that train, I haven’t a clue where to start asking about them.

Good question, Jill. You actually pose a couple questions. The first is “What is a receiver and why is it called a receiver?” and the second (implied) question is “How do you play audio from a gen 4 Apple TV?”

Let’s start with what is a receiver and why is it called a receiver. There are several types of receivers but the relevant ones for this discussion are an audio receiver and an A/V (audio/video) receiver.

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You May Not Want to Turn on Two-Factor Authentication If You Have an Apple TV 2 or 3

This post has been dramatically edited (and improved) since it’s first publish date, thanks to alert readers Mike C and Giles Croft. Spoiler alert – you CAN use two-factor authentication on an Apple TV 2 or 3! If you’ve already read this post, jump down to the heading “Breaking News”.

Atv 3 with remoteA little while ago I told you about how we were finally able to get our Apple TV to work on Hotel WiFi. As you probably recall, since the Apple TV can’t show a web browser popup, there’s no way to answer the prompt for the WiFi password. The trick was to get the hotel to tell you the phone number for the service provider of their WiFi. From there you can get the provider to provision the MAC address of the Apple TV to connect.

This week we went to see Forbes again (Lindsay and Nolan too) and stayed in a different hotel. We plugged in our Apple TV 3, connected to the network and as expected it didn’t work. After a few calls to the front desk, we eventually found someone to give us the number for their provider, Wandering WiFi. The guy I got was excellent, immediately knew what to do with my request and I hung up while we waited for the Apple TV to connect. But it didn’t work. Continue reading “You May Not Want to Turn on Two-Factor Authentication If You Have an Apple TV 2 or 3”

NC #588 Bandwidth Ideas, SSD in a Mac mini, Language Support on Podfeet, AppleTV on Hotel Wifi

George from Tulsa is back with some ideas on what might be causing Denise’s high bandwidth usage. It’s a great list of things to check out. Denise comes back with a great success story on the issue and then a walkthrough of her recent upgrade of her Mac mini to an SSD with some great advice. I get a word in edgewise with these two and talk about how I added language support to and how we FINALLY got our AppleTV working on hotel WiFi so Steve could watch the Olympics.

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How to Use an AppleTV on Hotel Wifi

Appletv mac addressSteve and I travel around a bit and we always bring our AppleTV with us, in the hope that maybe THIS time we’ll actually be able to use it in the hotel. It’s a strange thing, but the nicer the hotel, the more annoying they are about doing the things you want to do. For example, cheap hotels often have free WiFi, while expensive ones charge for it.

We’ve carried that darn AppleTV to a bunch of nice hotels, and every single time, they have foiled our efforts.

  • Sometimes they give us TVs with no HDMI ports
  • Sometimes they have HDMI ports, but the remote doesn’t have the option to change inputs
  • Sometimes you can change to the HDMI input but they’ve electronically locked it out

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ScreenCasts Online App on AppleTV

Sco meYou know I’m a big fan of Don McAllister’s ScreenCasts Online. I think it’s the best way to learn how to use applications on the Mac and iOS. It’s a subscription service at $6/month if you buy the yearly subscription. Think about that price compared to other online training courses.

I’m biased because Don lets me create screencasts for him every couple of months but I’ve been an avid viewer of his subscription podcast for ages. I’ve learned so much from him even about products I’ve used for years.

Anyway, I’m bringing all of this up again because I’m delighted to tell you that ScreenCasts Online now has an official AppleTV app and it’s really really cool! Don has built a great interface and you get access to the entire ScreenCasts Online back catalog on your big screen TV.

Not only can you view simply the latest videos, you can also view by categories. Categories include Apple Watch, Business, Design, Productivity, and my favorite, Photography. For some reason Don’s got tutorials on Audio and Music too. There are hundreds of videos in his catalog. You can also view by playlists, like his entire series explaining iOS 9, or All about Apple Photos, and a series on El Capitan and a lot more.

I’ve included a few photos of the interface so you can see how pretty it is. Another thing you might want to take into consideration is that Don goes to great expense to have subtitles included in his screencasts, so if you’re hearing impaired, or even if you want to watch while your partner is sleeping, he’s got you covered.

Now it’s time to plug myself here. The latest video screencast on ScreenCasts Online is one of mine! It’s the one I talked about a couple of weeks ago where Steve helped me do a three camera shoot using a screencast, a camcorder, and an iPhone 6s for 4K video. I demonstrated three cool tools: Duet Display to let you use an iOS device as a secondary monitor for your Mac or Windows PC. Then I showed Astropad, which lets your iOS devices access your Mac apps by mirroring the screen. It works on all iOS devices but it rocks to use an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil for find detail work. Finally I wound up with one of my favorite apps, Bookpedia from Bruji, that lets you create a database of all your books.

If you want to check out my latest video for Don and get access to the entire back catalog, you can get a free 14 day trial over at

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#197 AppleTV, VHS to DVD, Easy Wi-Fi, Spyder2Express

In Dumb Question Corner Kate asks, “what’s the big deal with the AppleTV” and Katie Floyd of joins us to answer. Brent trucklover and Steve spsheridan discuss VHS to DVD capture techniques. I learn about Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T iPhones from Devicescape Software on from iTunes, and then the listeners teach me how to do search on the iPhone. In Chit Chat Across the Pond we learn about yet another Firefox vulnerability which is now patched. Then Bart explains why he actually LIKES MobileMe for large file sharing better than DropBox, then he tells us about his Spyder2Express from


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