Trying on the Apple Watch

Today Steve and I went to the Apple Store for a 1:30pm appointment to try on the Apple Watch. We Periscope’d the event and saved the video for later viewing. Two very interesting bits in here. Watch for how Zach opens the drawer, and then the connector inside the watch band is pretty intriguing.

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6 thoughts on “Trying on the Apple Watch

  1. Dennis - April 11, 2015

    Awesome, thank you for the video. Very nice to see. You are right, opening the drawers was pretty neat.

  2. Pat - April 12, 2015

    Great demo. Thanks.

  3. Michelle - April 12, 2015

    enjoyed the video 😊 thanks for sharing your experience, I’ve ordered the same as you Allison, 38mm sport with white band, quite pleased to say that even here in UK I got in on the April 24th-May 8th time frame so getting excited

  4. podfeet - April 12, 2015

    Yay, Michelle – we can be twins!

  5. Pat - April 12, 2015

    Triplets. Ordered the Milanese too..

  6. podfeet - April 12, 2015

    Yay for triplets!

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