The Day the Live Show (Almost) Died

Youtube takedown notice smallI want to do a little public service announcement about YouTube. Please don’t ever ever EVER┬áhit the “Report” button on a video unless you really have a monumental problem with the video.

Now let’s back up and I’ll tell you why.

On Tuesday I checked my email and found a notice from YouTube telling me that one of my videos had been taken down and that it violated the community guidelines. Oddly the video that was taken down was an interview Steve and I did with a vendor at the CSUN Persons With Disabilities Expo last March.

Now let’s be clear. Steve and I are super careful not to ever use copyrighted music in our videos, we never record someone who doesn’t know they’re being recorded, we ask their permission beforehand, and we use no profanity. I couldn’t think for the life of me what could be wrong with this interview.

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