NC #596 Amazon Comes Through, Apple Watch Exercise Solved, VoiceOver on Apple Watch, Dumb Questions on Power Supplies and Desktop and Document Syncing

In this week’s show, Denise Crown will tell us her story of woe that turned into a good onya story about Amazon, Lindsay explains how to fix the Apple Watch when it doesn’t want to show you your exercise minutes, I’ll tell you what to do if your Apple Watch starts talking to you and the screen goes black. Then in Dumb Question Corner, Steve (Sheridan) answers Steve (Davidson’s) question on which end you’re supposed to plug into a power supply first. Then I answer Steve (Davidson’s) question for his father on how to get his Documents and Desktop back on his Mac after accidentally turning on syncing in Sierra.

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When Amazon Does You Wrong, Write to Jeff

Guest Post by Denise Crown

Pristine apple watch in original caseHello Castaways, this is Denise Crown.

I have a story to tell you with a surprise ending.

I recently treated myself to the water resistant AppleWatch 2. I love to swim, and really wanted to capture my swimming effort as part of my fitness history. This left me with my original Apple Watch to find a home for. I’m not a sentimental person, but I do get a little emotional over first generation Apple gear. I still have my original iPod and iPhone.

In this case, I thought I would part with my original 38mm aluminum watch with white sport strap, so I started researching my options. I don’t deal with Craig’s list or eBay so one of the Castaways suggested the Amazon trade in program. I checked and they offered $135 (US) for the watch. Because I am a fanatic about taking care of my Apple gear, I had the original paperwork, box, etc, so I lovingly packed it all up and shipped it off to Amazon. I actually felt a little pang of remorse the minute the box dropped into the UPS container.

A week or so later, I got an email saying my pristine watch was REJECTED. Rejected! For minute scratches! I was MORTIFIED. I was DEVASTATED they thought my watch was scratched. Was I a terrible watch parent without even knowing it? Would I be banned from future trips to Apple? All of this seriously went through my head.

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Solved – Apple Watch Not Registering Exercise

Activity showing exercise creditOver on the Facebook group ( there’s been a discussion of the problem when an Apple Watch refuses to give Exercise credit in the Activity app. Using Activity is all about credit, so this is pretty important to Apple Watch users.

I started the discussion actually on behalf of fellow NosillaCastaway, Lindsay Tondee, aka Jibblies in the live chat room, aka Forbes’s mother, aka my daughter. Here’s an example of the problem. In one outdoor walk she had an average heart rate of 132BPM for 43 minutes, and her exercise circle only went 1/4 of the way around, or about 7 minutes (the goal is always 30 minutes). She rebooted both the phone and the watch but she still couldn’t get exercise credit.

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