You May Not Want to Turn on Two-Factor Authentication If You Have an Apple TV 2 or 3

This post has been dramatically edited (and improved) since it’s first publish date, thanks to alert readers Mike C and Giles Croft. Spoiler alert – you CAN use two-factor authentication on an Apple TV 2 or 3! If you’ve already read this post, jump down to the heading “Breaking News”.

Atv 3 with remoteA little while ago I told you about how we were finally able to get our Apple TV to work on Hotel WiFi. As you probably recall, since the Apple TV can’t show a web browser popup, there’s no way to answer the prompt for the WiFi password. The trick was to get the hotel to tell you the phone number for the service provider of their WiFi. From there you can get the provider to provision the MAC address of the Apple TV to connect.

This week we went to see Forbes again (Lindsay and Nolan too) and stayed in a different hotel. We plugged in our Apple TV 3, connected to the network and as expected it didn’t work. After a few calls to the front desk, we eventually found someone to give us the number for their provider, Wandering WiFi. The guy I got was excellent, immediately knew what to do with my request and I hung up while we waited for the Apple TV to connect. But it didn’t work. Continue reading “You May Not Want to Turn on Two-Factor Authentication If You Have an Apple TV 2 or 3”

CCATP #457 Bart Busschots Programming By Stealth 22 – jQuery Events

PBS_Logo.pngBart Busschots joins us again for his continuing series called Programming By Stealth. In this episode Bart explains how to embed JavaScript into a webpage, how to control when JavaScript executes and then teaches us about the browser event model. Using this model he teaches us how we can change things on a web page when the user clicks or after a defined length of time, or at time intervals. It’s our first time outside of the sandbox so it’s great fun to manipulate web pages and have them do our bidding! Bart’s full tutorial is at:… and it includes some downloadable files that are very useful for following along.

mp3 download

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