iPhone 7+ Portrait Mode Depth Effect

Allison forbes depth effectThis week Apple released iOS 10.1, which included the beta of the new Portrait mode for the iPhone 7+. Portrait mode applies what they call a depth effect, blurring things in the background while keeping the focus sharp on faces in the foreground. The effect is limited to the 7+ because it uses the dual cameras to produce this effect. Two lenses, and a LOT of math.

I’m a huge fan of portrait photography, so this effect was a big contributor to my decision to go with the 7+. Spoiler: I love Portrait mode. I’ve taken dozens of portraits so far of adults and children, and the crisp focus on peoples’ faces really makes them pop out of the photos.

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CCATP #461 Bart Busschots Programming By Stealth 24 – Creating a JavaScript API

PBS_Logo.pngIn this week’s installment of Programming By Stealth, Bart teaches us how to create a JavaScript API up to and including an easy way to create professional documentation in order to publish our work as a JavaScript library. In order to get there we learn how to write reusable and sharable code, how “closures” help you keep your variables out of the global scope so they don’t mess up other people’s code, we learn one Ternary Operator), and my favorite, self-executing anonymous functions.

Apologies for getting the episode number wrong in the audio – I said it was #460 when it’s actually #461.

You can find Bart’s tutorial we follow in this episode at bartbusschots.ie/….

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