What to Do When Your Apple Watch Starts Talking (and the Screen Goes Black)

Voiceover on apple watchIf you ever find your Apple Watch talking to you but the screen is staying blank, you might find some tips in this story. As is often the case with tech stories, this one ends in success but contains an unsolved mystery.

You know I like to experiment with VoiceOver to keep increasing my knowledge about how the blind use iOS and Mac devices, right? After my review of the new Apple Watch Series 2, Kevin Jones sent me a direct tweet explaining that VoiceOver is much faster with the Series 2 Apple Watch.

Intrigued, I opened up Settings on my Apple Watch, selected General, then Accessibility and flipped the toggle to turn on VoiceOver. I expected to have my Apple Watch start talking to me, but I wasn’t prepared for the second thing that happened. Very briefly I was shown a screen with a toggle for Screen Curtain. Most people using VoiceOver have no need to see the screen, so Screen Curtain is a useful option to save battery and increase privacy. Unfortunately, when i turned on VoiceOver, the watch defaulted to turning on Screen Curtain so my watch turned black.

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CCATP #458 Allister Jenks on Programming as a Hobby and a Tool

Casio PB 100Allister Jenks joins us to talk about how he uses programming as a hobby and as a tool for solving problems.

In his always delightful way, he talks about early experiences programming and how they sparked such joy in him. We’re talking a TRS-80 clone here and a programmable calculator! He tells the story of how just last week he and I were talking about the relative weights of the iMac models vs. their screen dimensions and how he solved the ratio equations using Swift.

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Find Allister @zkarj on Twitter.

Xcode Swift Screen Shot

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