CES 2016: Bixi Touchfree Device Control

Allison interviews Vijay Narayanan from Bluemint Labs about their Bixi sensor and app for touch-free control of smart devices and apps. The Bixi sensor seamlessly connects with your favorite devices and thousands of connected apps to make your smart home even smarter. The Bixi App works across all iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. As of CES 2016, Bixi was pursuing crowd funding to complete its development. The setting is the CES Unveiled show floor in the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Learn more at http://bixi.io

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MyScript Stylus: Real Time Handwriting Recognition for iOS

Myscript stylus logoThere are two things about which I’m not fond: third-party keyboards on iOS and handwriting. I’m about to tell you that I’ve changed my mind on both of these things.

Last week on the SMR Podcast, Robb Dunewood brought up the SwiftKey keyboard. I mentioned how lame third-party keyboards were implemented by Apple on iOS, but for grins and giggles, I installed SwiftKey again on my iPad. I’m sure SwiftKey is lovely but on iOS you keep getting kicked in and out of it, or it doesn’t work on some things so you have to get out of it and back in. It’s still a mess so I stopped using SwiftKey yet again.

When Tracey Baucells on Twitter suggested another third party keyboard, I was skeptical. She tagged me as an Apple Pencil pusher in her Tweet so my curiosity on what the Pencil and a keyboard would have to do with each other overcame my skepticism.
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CES 2016: Ditto Wearable Notification

Allison interviews Neal Pecchenino about the new Ditto clip-on wearable device. Ditto is a simple and discrete device that provides vibrations to notify the wearer of incoming calls or messages. Using the Ditto app, the user pre-selects a unique vibration pattern for each caller or message sender. The app then notifies the wearer with the vibration pattern for the person calling or messaging. Ditto is durable, waterproof, and can be discretely clipped onto your clothing. Ditto is available now.

Learn more at http://simplematters.com

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CES 2016: Owlet Smart Sock Wearable Baby Monitor

Allison interviews Chris Stroud from Owlet about their new Smart Sock for babies. Smart Sock fits snugly on your baby’s foot and monitors their heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. Using the Owlet iOS app, Smart Sock will alert you if your baby stops breathing. The setting is the CES ShowStoppers show floor in the Wynn Hotel.

Learn more at http://owletcare.com

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OmniFocus 2 Might Help You Get Things Done

Omnifocus home screen showing different views of projectsHello Allison and the NosillaCastaways, Allister here from New Zealand again with a review of an application I’ve known about for years but only just grokked. Let me start by reading you a list.

To Do (two words), myTo-Dos, iProcrastinate, OmniFocus for iPhone, ToDo (one word), Remember The Milk, To Do Exchange Tasks, Any.do, Things, Due, and Todoist. That’s the list of task management, or “to-do” apps I had tried on my iPhone up until recently. Some of those apps are, or were, quite good. But I don’t use any of them any more. Many had interesting or useful features, some were delightful to use and some were effective task managers. The trouble with all of them was the same – me. I’m not so great at task management and I found in most cases I was not drawn to using them, even though I needed them.

In recent months I have been listening to some new podcasts and I have heard some very busy people swear by one particular task management app. They each said the only way that they could get as much done as they do, was because of this app. Then some of them started talking about why this app helps them so much. It sounded both simple and powerful. I also know several other podcasters who have long talked about this same app with reverence. So I began to look at it closely. Continue reading “OmniFocus 2 Might Help You Get Things Done”

Use Custom Fields to Tell Your Contacts Apart

The Apple Contacts application isn’t really designed to handle how many different ways we have of contacting people these days. In particular it’s awful at handling couples in a single card entry. Let’s say you’re friends with Bob and Sally Schwinkendorf. You send them a holiday card every year so you want both of their names in the same card. But then when you go to call one of them, you’re faced with two mobile numbers and you can’t tell which one is which.

Most people create three cards, one for Bob’s cell, one for Sally’s cell and a third with them together for the holiday card. It’s a mess! This quick tip will help you keep them in one card and yet still tell them apart. You can use this tip in OSX or iOS and of course it works in both when you’re done.

Full credit goes to Steve Sheridan for this awesome tip! Follow the link below for the tutorial:


#359 Lumin, Art Text 2, LookTell Recognizer, Osfoora

Verizon LTE rocks but I can’t use it. Thoughts on how school districts could evaluate the idea of iPads for books in our schools. Professor Albert reviews Lumin from iTunes. Lens cap holders and more from >photojojo.com. Art Text 2 review from Belight Software and in the Mac App Store. Todd McCann asks in Dumb Question Corner whether iLife ’11 actually comes with Lion or not. Another interview from CSUN Persons With Disabilities Expo – LookTell Recognizer in the iTunes store for $9.99. in Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart reviews the Twitter client Osfoora in the Mac App Store.

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